Monday, 18 November 2013

Movie day and car doctors

I have had yet another good day...this is fast forming a habit for me and each day I am feeling mentally stronger. My ears are still messed up and hurt but I can cope with the pain as there are meds for that but couldn't cope with the moodiness. I haven't really done anything special today, got up too earlier as the car needed its MOT and service done. We were kind of dreading this as it was the first one but she flew through it with only one minor issue go Tali. 

Apart from that I have spent most of the day like this
I had an evil dead movie marathon today with Doug protecting me from the deadites. The first film was really scary, the second funny but the third was hilarious. Really glad I watched them.

Me and Doug did move from the sofa for our daily walk this time it was definitely going to be a short one 
1.1 miles not too shabby to be honest considering only a few weeks ago I was doing nothing.

I had a delivery from the postie today which I am looking forward to trying out.
Food wise I have enjoyed these noms today...and even resisted a chippy tea which Rich fancied. I was nice and took him to the chippy then made my own dinner.
Bfree wrap (HEB) with three low low slices (HEA) sausages and mushrooms
Butternut squash and sweet potato soup with two mini wholemeal subs (HEB) leftover quorn roast, cucumber and 2tsp of flora lighter than light (1 syn)
Rest of the leftover quorn roast, two linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages mash and veg. I put a butter bud in the mash (0.5)...think it needs something else to make it creamier and used 1.5 syns on the gravy.
Banana, fudge muller dessert (4.5) warmed and a bubbly bite (3 syns)

Going to head to bed after Eastenders so night night all xoxo

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