Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wet windy wednesday

Today has been a bit of an odd day, I have been feeling pretty blah all day thanks to my wonderful ears being mean and not starting the day very well. Rich was on a weird shift today which meant he was in the office from 11 till 5 then working from home 6 till 8. I decided to set an alarm so I could get up and have breakfast before I took him to work. I think I should have stayed in bed ;)

I decided to have a mushroom and courgette omelette so whilst the veggies were cooking off I mixed my eggs. I managed to get them cracked perfectly no shell or anything...I then decided to knock the cup over and spill the eggs everywhere :( the second batch were made and my omelette created...
Looked fab and tasted fab until I came across some egg shell boilk!!! Completely ruined it for me and left me feeling quite vomey for the rest of the morning.

I dropped Rich off at work and heading first to Aldi then Asda for the shopping. I decided when I got home to take Doug straight out. It was only a short walk today due to feeling unwell and also my normal route was a bit blocked by a crazy man stating I was part of societies problem as I was a rich me if you saw me today I looked neither rich or snobby but I didn't really want to go the same way as this man so took a shorter route.
Once we got back and warmed up a bit my thoughts turned to lunch, I had originally intended something more elaborate but went for comfort food in the shape of chilli cheese fries
I did a mixture of sweet potato and regular chips chucked the syn free chilli on top and then topped with my healthy extra of cheese.

The afternoon and part of the evening was spent attempting to study but I was foiled by a question I didn't really understand so now need to wait for tutor feedback.
Dinner was a tad later than normal tonight as Rich had to work till 8 think I did the onion gravy a bit....
Quorn lamb fillets with roasties and veg.
As I am out on Friday and drinking will be involved I am aiming to only have 5 syns a day, I currently am too full for anymore food and still have a HEB left so may not have anything else will see how the evening progresses.

Will say night night for now xoxo

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