Thursday, 7 November 2013

The good kind of tired

Boy this attempt at body magic certainly tires you out but in a good way...I'm tired and my legs ache but actually going outside and inhaling fresh air is really good. I am glad I am going out into the world again. 

Today's walk was about 3 miles unfortunately my phone died before I finished so I have to guesstimate the last bit but I know from doing it previously it is a 3 mile route.
Needless to say Doug loved the walk today and is currently recovering
Once I got back from the walk I needed a nice bubble bath and generally to relax a bit, Doug has the same idea
Bless him he isn't used to the big walks at the moment hehe. Apart from that today has been a quiet day, I have generally spent the day watching some TV or reading or just relaxing with my fluff baby

My plan for the rest of the evening is to read more of my book as it is really good and a tad addictive.

Food wise it has been quite fab food day
Breakfast low fat quorn sausages, beans with spinach and mushrooms
Lunch orzo with a tub of low low green beans, spinach and leeks
Dinner sausage casserole using quorn low fat sausages, cheesy mash (1.5) syns and veggies. I used my final hex on some cheese to top it.

I finished of the evening with this
Options mint hot chocolate and 16 mikado (10 syns)

Night night all xoxo

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