Friday, 15 November 2013

Fabulous Friday

Today has been a pretty fabulous day in part because it's Friday which means time with my lovely Rich. I spent most of the morning catching up on more American Horror Story and then Under the dome and relaxing with the Dougmeister whilst waiting for the postman to turn up...which he did eventually (seems he is getting later each day). I had a lovely delivery from Butter-Buds-UK who make these
These are sachets of dried butter which you can add to things like pasta or potato and apparently are really good. They are 1/2 syn each which is pretty good for buttery mash. I am looking forward to trying them out.

Me and Doug went on a fun walk these afternoon it was a route we have done before but Doug was running around lots and we were playing. It was one of those days where I just felt happy watching him running around. 
He did try and go into the gym we walked past too...that was pretty hilarious for me as he would walk in look about walk about and kept doing this several times. Luckily the gym people were overwhelmed by his cuteness. 

Once we were back and recovered for about 30 seconds we went to get Rich from work. I had a chore to do in town but unfortunately it ended up with an hour wait so we decided to have a small wander around town with Doug in tow. He was in heaven once he found the German Christmas market as some kind person had dropped a Churro on the floor which he snarfed very quickly...not wander the little mite has to lose a few lbs if he is going to enjoy floor food! It was fun wandering around with Rich and Doug.
Simple things really but as I learnt from Zombieland this evening one of the rules is to appreciate the little things and spending time with the boys always cheers me up. 

Food wise today has been good...even with the temptation of the Christmas market...boy does it smell good there but I'd rather have a good loss on Tuesday than the goodies on sale....I think I have had a brain transplant. 

Mushroom omelette with cheese (HEA) and the first of many coffees.
Stir fry vegetables and noodles with a sauce made with soy sauce and chinese five spice and a cup of vanilla chai tea.
Fakbonara aka fake carbonara. I used quorn bacon (1.5 syns for two slices) and half a tub of low low (HEB). The garlic bread is made with a tbsp of flora lighter than light, a weight watchers petit pain (HEB) and some garlic granules and parsley.
8 syns of yumminess I made the slimming world brownie from 30g of cocoa, 30g of sweetener, vanilla essence and 3 eggs seperated. You mix the cocoa, essence and sweetener with the egg yolks. I whisked the egg whites until they formed soft peeks and then combined. I cooked the brownies for 20 minutes on 180.  They work out at 5.5 for the whole brownie I just rounded it up to 6 for easy maths. The custard was 6 syns for 100g of custard (it was full fat naughtiness).

Tomorrow me and Rich are having a date day I cannot wait :D night night all xoxo

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