Saturday, 9 November 2013

Rainy walks and TV time

It's been one of those rainy wintery days where vegging on the sofa under the blanket was the order of the day. I got up about 9ish after a decent nights sleep and decided to get a good breakfast inside before me and Doug ventured out.
It was a fab breakfast and filled me nicely for only 1.5 syns (quorn bacon). Once this had gone down and I had my coffee I decided that despite the stupid rain I'd go out for my walk so I could be nice and lazy afterwards. It was a decent walk despite the weather and Doug enjoyed it.
We got back very wet and a little tired so once Doug was dry and settled into his usual sleeping place (my side of the sofa) I headed up for a bubble bath and a read of my new book (sob last in a great series)
The rest of the day has shaped up like this
Invader Zim which was fab, Breaking Bad which I cannot recommend enough and a break for Batman Subzero before I went back to more Breaking Bad. Rich has been catching pokemon and Doug has been snoring...nice quiet relaxing day in the Cadman Pursey household. 

Food wise it has been had already seen breakfast! Lunch was gorgeous but a bit of a faff
I baked a sweet potato and in the meantime cooked off some leeks and mushrooms. When the baked potato was done I scooped out the middle and then added the leeks, mushrooms and 4 laughing cow blue cheese triangles (HEA) I then bunged the potato back in the oven and baked for a bit longer so it was crispyish on top.
Dinner was equally gorgeous I had 200g of Gnocchi (4 syns) and served it with a homemade tomato sauce topped with 40g of Cathedral city lighter. I also made garlic bread (HEB) using weight watchers petit pains. I made the garlic spread with a tbsp of flora lighter than light (1.5 syns) mixed with some parsley and crushed garlic. It was really gorgeous and I will make it again this way. 

As I whiled away the evening texting and learning science on Breaking Bad my thoughts turned to pudding and a lot of lovely people on The Purple Bus had tried warming the muller puddings so I decided to try that and warmed up a fudge pudding (4.5 syns).
The apple and persimmon worked really well with the fudge think I will be doing that one again!! I warmed it for about 40 seconds and it was perfect.
All in all another good day maybe this is a good habit I'm forming :D

Night night all xoxo


  1. please can you send me some of your good girl mojo!!
    I was a bit gutted I couldn't find any of the rolls in asda, prob a good thing as I don't think I'd stop at one :)

    1. I found mine in tesco heading there today i think to get more xx sending you some mojo its taken me a while to have this many days on the trot where im on the busx