Thursday, 21 November 2013

Productive girl time

Firstly a little addition to last nights food, I ended up watching The Hunger games I'm preparation for seeing the new one today and ended up having some snacks.

A muller chocolate dessert for 5 syns and a Christmas pudding hifi bar. They satisfied my sweet tooth perfectly. 

For some reason I have been rather productive today I'm amongst bouts of pure laziness and got lots of little things done that had been waiting my attention for a while. I woke up feeling slightly better than yesterday though still not perfect. I lazed in bed reading until it was time to get up and take Rich to work. One I got back I decided to have some breakfast whilst catching up on Hollyoaks (thanks Kalli for filling in the gaps).
Once breakfast had settled I got Doug ready and took him out for his walk whilst I was on a mission to get the first task done. It was only a trip to the cashpoint to get my money out for tomorrow but it had to be done so I worked it into my walk.
Not a bad walk and no crazy people encountered today....well other than me when I looked I'm a car window ;). 

When I got back I had to get on with packing as tomorrow I am going to Cardiff with my lovely girlfriends to see 5ive (yes really) and we are staying overnight. Doug decided to interfere with my packing and try and help me.
The only problem was he cannot come with us....once he got out of the case (sorry trace it has been dedogged) he decided to help by taking whatever I put in there out again.......he may need to be taught the concept of packing.

The suitcase is all packed complete with my outfit...and my backup outfit just incase ;) one this was done I got on with the task of filling in forms and writing letters that were needed. This time I was assisted by the lovely Paul Hollywood. I also prepped dinner for tonight as I was going to the cinema.

Lunch was simply but good sweet potato and butternut sqush soup.
The afternoon has been spent watching Paul Hollywood and then Masterchef and taking delivery of this
It is a new rice cooker as I fail at cooking rice more often than not. Cannot wait to try it out next week!

This evening I went to see Catching Fire with my lovely friend Jen. It was fantastic as I expected and kept close to the book. Rich very kindly put my dinner on so I could have it when I got home.
Veggie pasta bake with two healthy extras of cheese.

There won't be a blog tomorrow as I will be away but I will catch you up on Saturday I will warn you here will be some alcohol involved xxx

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  1. I love the hunger games books, not so much the films but I always love books better! Enjoy your weekend x