Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lazy Sunday

Today has mostly been spent in this position....
I haven't done much today with the exception of my walk first thing....a walk that was supposed to just be a quick one as I was still aching from yesterdays exertions but turned into a 2.5 mile walk
Not 100% sure if I am coming down with something as this is unusual levels of activity for me ;) I am keeping a note of this movement malarky for my silver body magic award.

Once we got home I decided to have a bubble bath and put on a movie on the ipad. The movie theme continued when I got out of the bath and I've enjoyed Cloudy with a chance of meatballs (though it did make me hungry) Byzantium and now have Jack the giant slayer on which isn't too bad.

I will shortly be heading to bed as rather sleepy today so will catch you up on the food of the day.
Slimming world friendly fried breakfast 1.5 syns for the quorn bacon and 1 syn for the tomato sauce (tesco reduced salt and sugar 0.5 per tbsp).
Marks and Spencers mini wholemeal subs (2 for a HEB) with quorn chicken fillet pieces and cucumber. There is also 2 tsp of flora lighter than light (1 syn) and 3 babybel for my HEA.
Movie snack of a banana, persimmon and apple with a caramel and apple weight watchers dessert yogurt (F).
Epic roast with quorn roast a mound of veggies and 1.5 syns for the gravy.
Slimming world brownie (1.5) 100g of low fat custard (4.5) christmas pudding hifi bar (HEB) and banana. It was gorgeous.

The chocolate monster did try and come out a bit earlier but it was only because I'm tired and I refused to feed it as I don't want to ruin a good week.

Hope everyone reading is okay night night all xoxo

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