Saturday, 16 November 2013

Sore feet happy face

Today has been such a fun day, my feet are aching but I am a proper happy girlie right now. The day started far too early as I couldn't sleep well last night so I intended up deciding to get out and take Doug out for a walk.
My intention was to only do a short walk but we just kept going. It was really cold but it was nice to be out and get the miles under my belt. Once we got home it was time to warm up with a nice coffee and have some breakfast.
40g of dorset simply fruity with fruit and yogurt.

Once Rich was up and ready we headed into town to do our shopping. It was really fun wandering around and exploring town and picking up some Christmas presents for people. The German christmas market has opened and it smelt glorious but we resisted the naught foods which I am proud of because a few weeks ago I would have divebombed the churro stand but instead I didnt. We were force fed a chocolate in Hotel Chocolat but one chocolate is not the end of the world...and it was yummy a nice mulled wine chocolate. 
Love the fact that there is a Yankee Candle shop in Bristol now and we wandered around there for a bit.

We took a break from shopping to have lunch at Yo! Sushi, it's been a while since we have been in there but when eating out its a really good place to try as there are some syn free and low syn options. I even asked for my the vegetable yakisoba to be cooked without oil.

The sushi is cucumber maki which is free on green, the beans are edamame beans which are also free. I have been unable to find the yakisoba online but I know from previous experience that it is really low. Rich enjoyed the naughtier aspects of the menu and we got through a fair few bowls (mine are the green and blue pile)
After lunch Rich went for coffee and I went shopping for some me bits before meeting back up with him again which included this awesome mug
The coffee came from a little stall on the German market and they are banoffee, chocolate and cappuccino flavour.

We headed home via Asda with all our goodies, here are some of the bits I can show you

Tiredness hit me as soon as I walked in the door so I was glad this morning I had the brain power switched on and had put a chilli in the slow cooker.
Had I not been prepared then I would have ended up with a takeaway so I am glad I had taken the time to sort this. There was so much too that I have tons to take tomorrow is sort out the freezer as it's full at the moment. mainly because I'm not good at keeping it tidy. From the chilli I managed to create this beautiful meal
The rice is the mexican batchelors savoury rice and the bowl is made from the healthy B wrap using one of these.
I got them on Amazon and they are so simple to use. I just put the wrap into the bowl made sure it was in the corners and then baked for 5 minutes.

Thats all from me today as I am very sleepy from our day out and will be heading to bed in a minute night night all xoxo

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