Monday, 11 November 2013

A day of nothing

Today I have spent most of the day doing very little except wait....Rich had some deliveries due which meant I was housebound until they came. Typically our postie decided today he was going to be nice and late so  really haven't done much more than catch up with last nights X Factor and Downton Abbey and watch a lot of Masterchef. The only real highlight through the post for me was the date for my MRI scan. 

Once the postman had been I decided it was time to head out for a short walk for Doug...which turned into a few miles.
Unfortunately Doug seems to have a bit of a sore paw so no walk for him tomorrow but instead a trip to the vets.

Food wise it has been a good day
The new Bfree wraps that are a healthy B with three slices of low low cheese, sausages and mushrooms.
Jacket spud beans and cheese with a massive salad
Vegetable curry using the recipe for the mild chicken curry in the current magazine with tumeric rice and a weight watchers naan (5.5). I was really impressed with the curry as it is the first time I have made one from certainly took a lot of ingredients
I will certainly be making it again, Rich had the same but with chicken.
Pudding was a fudge muller dessert (4.5 sys) and fruit.

I am going to log off now and read my book for a while before getting an early night x

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