Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Weigh in day and coffee

Well I have been to face the scales and another 2lbs bites the dust! Thats 8.5lbs in two weeks which is really good progress. Next week may be a bit trickier due to a planned night out but I have going to have lots of superfree and 5 syns per day to help my case. I have been looking forward to this for ages and want to enjoy it with a mind on next weeks results. There will be much dancing/walking/general merriment involved and I really cannot wait.

Apart from weigh in today has been pretty sedate again as I had to wait in for a delivery but it was worth it when it came
Lots of coffee, the bags are white chocolate and sticky toffee and I got some yummy christmas coffee too which I will not have until 1st December as it's a bit too earlier for christmas stuff for me. 

Once the delivery came me and Doug got out for a walk...I am glad I was wearing these
It was absolutely freezing outside and my ears are hurting a lot because of it as they were not protected enough. I need to invest in some ear muffs. Despite the weather we still go another 2 miles under our belts.
Once we got back I need to defrost and where better to do it than a warm bubble bath.
Doug is my constant bath monitor incase I dissapear down the plug hole...he is a good boy. 

Food wise...I will admit post weigh in I entered the takeaway bubble. Now I am not a great fan of the bubble and know ultimately it isn't wise but i have done this for the past two weeks and mentally it has helped me. I will not be continuing this as don't want to get into the habit of a post weigh in binge as once you step of those scales your in a new week but for the past two weeks it has helped. I am certainly feeling more secure on the bus now. It's amazing how things change it's a good combination of exercise and generally looking after myself. 

Until post weigh in my food was epic though
French toast made with wholemeal bread (60g HEB) I soaked the bread in a cinnamon, egg and milk mixture (using milk from my HEA) and then fried in frylight. I topped it with a tsp of honey (0.5 syns) and banana.
Cheesy orzo (HEA and HEB) I added mushrooms, onions, courgettes and quorn chicken fillet pieces.

That's it for me today so night night all xoxo