Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Wicked Wednesday

Evening all and hope you have all had a good Wednesday. I have actually had a really good day. It's the time of year where the postman is hopefully bringing us lots of lovely goodies so the morning was spent waiting incase he showed up with anything pretty....he brought a bill....the postman does not understand the concept of bringing nice things clearly! I decided to make the morning a bit of a movie session firstly watching Identity Thief whilst chatting to Mitchy via email and then watching Mama which was so creepy and gave me the proper heebee jeebies. It's been a while since a film has done that! 

Once the films were done and the postman had been with his disappointing post me and Doug set out for a walk. I had planned to walk down to the pets shop as it's a decent walk there and decided to get him a treat (non food related) when we got there. He decided to try and shop in Next, Homesense and tried to run into Subway too the little minx but we got into the pet shop and he had a fuss made of him. I got him a hedgehog type toy and a fun ball that dispenses treats if he plays with it right so it will challenge him more than just sitting there looking cute which he has hands down. Once I had spent my money we headed back and managed to clock up 2.8 miles.
Once we were done we headed to Asda to get a few bits then pick Rich up from work and then came home and relaxed. I enjoyed an hour in Morganville whilst drinking my Vanilla Chai tea.
Food wise the day has shaped up like this. 
Magic pancakes with 2 tsps of honey drizzled over the top (1 syn as used rowse honey) with banana and apple.
Broccoli, spinach and blue cheese soup (1.5 syns) its really tasty and simple to make. I chopped some onions, lobbed in frozen broccoli and spinach and some stock and cooked for about 15 minutes. I then blitzed it with 4 blue cheese laughing cow triangles and made four portions so 1.5 syns each.
Burger Bake (1 syn and HEA), slimming world chips and salad. The burger bake is so simple to make I put cooked off some onions, added garlic, chopped tomatoes and some herbs and cooked until the onions were soft. I then added four quorn burgers (1/2 syn per burger) on the bottom of a dish, poured the tomato sauce on the top and then added my healthy extra of cheese. The tomato mix soaks into the burgers and is fab.
Chopped banana with a warmed fudge muller dessert on the top (4.5 syns).
I finished up the evening watching Breaking Bad and enjoying a hot chocolate and hifi bar.

Tomorrow I am hoping to do my essay as been neglecting it and I need to get my decreasing but into gear. I will be heading to bed soon so night night all xoxo

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