Sunday, 10 November 2013

Feeling proud

Today I am feeling mighty proud of myself, it could have been a challenging day and I could have fallen off the wagon but instead I held on tight with no wobbling. It hasn't happened in a while so feels very good. The reason for the potential issue was that me and Rich were heading out to lunch and when faced with a menu of yummy things it can be hard to resist.

I had checked the menu beforehand and conferred with Mitchy over what would be good choices and I am happy with the ones I made and that I stuck to them...and didn't have pudding. I even resisted this
Yummy smelling white bread that I did want but decided it just wasn't worth it. This week I feel like I am comfortably sat on the bus and nothing is chucking me off. I have loved my food this week and the exercise and not felt deprived. 

Rewinding a bit to earlier in the day I woke up a bit groggy but got myself into my trackie bottoms and woke Doug up for a walk. He was a sleepy boy this morning and as we were heading out for lunch it was a relatively short walk today.
He got spoilt though as when we got home Rich took him out again as he was doing the melting eyes. Once we got back I had my breakfast and settled down to last nights X Factor.
Toasted cous cous mixed with a weight watchers dessert yogurt and topped with forest fruits.

We headed out to lunch about 12 and went to a Mezze restaurant, as I have already said I chose before hand so I wasn't tempted by the fried stuffed cheesy things that me a few weeks ago would have chosen.
Instead I had three small mezze dishes that were bigger than I expected but fab. The top bowl is a white bean cassoulet with vegetables, the left one is a puy lentil stew and the final one was roasted vegetable cous cous. They were all really gorgeous and I am comfortable that I would not have gone mad on syns.

When lunch was done we headed home via Tescos where we picked up our advent calenders ready for December and a few other bits. Once we got home I glued myself to the sofa as had planned to watch the football when it started. Doug came back from his walk and joined me
At this point he was enjoying Man City losing...needless to say he was unhappy to hear the amount of swear words coming from his mum's mouth during the Arsenal game. Needless to say I am not happy. I become so unladylike when my boys are losing.

Once the game was over and I stopped scowling me and Rich settled down to Marvel Agents of Shield the Firefly. I had already thought ahead to a light dinner by preparing some soup so had this with a gorgeous cheese toastie using an A and B
It went down really well amazing how tasty a cheese toasty can be! Instead of butter I used fry light which worked well. 

This evening has been a spent lazing on the sofa watching more Breaking Bad and snacking on this little plateful
Weight watchers dessert yogurt (F) persimmon, apple and banana and my final healthy B.

Join me tomorrow for more food noms and Doug night night all xoxo

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