Thursday, 27 March 2014

What day is it?

Being ill has completely messed with my internal calender but I think today is Thursday which means I have blogged two nights on the trot...shocking for me! This will be a short blog as well...I have done nothing today. I have sat on my bottom and watched Secret Eaters (yes eclairs do help you gain weight....and taking cereal to work and not eating it is not healthy eating especially when you have a full fry up) and Masterchef (smash in pasta????) before starting through many episodes of legal drama Suits which is pretty good. I guess one advantage of being ill my sky box is finally getting cleared. 

The only other notable thing I did today was have a bubble bath, not the most exciting day is it...but I did entertain myself by knowing all the words to this band
 Nostalgia time in the bath, I will be seeing them in June so needed to practice to sing along!
The rest of the day has been spent doing more sitting so I will entertain you with pictures of my food.
Beans on ww wholemeal pitta bread low fat quorn sausages and many mushrooms plus 1 syn for tomato sauce
 Mushy pea curry, batchelors curry rice and veg
 Honey BBQ sauce (except I used golden syrup) cheesey mash and veg I used 2syns for the BBQ sauce and 2x hex for the cheese. The recipe for the sauce can be found here
Pudding muller light (1) 2 nutri grain biscuits (5) and two oreos (5) taking my syns too 14 for the day. Think its time for a date with my book now night night x

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