Friday, 28 March 2014

Bugs and Walks

So day 6 of feeling rubbish though as the evening draws to a close humanness is beginning to return to me. In part I do have to thank Doug for this as he let of a gust of wind so loud it scared him and he ran off...only to do the same again and start barking. It was so funny it really cheered me up so much and laughter sometimes can be a magic cure. 

Another thing that has put a smile on my face today was my mug of choice for my first drink of the day.
Mitchy brought me this for my birthday and it really made me smile this morning. Yes that is Doug trying to get into the picture. 

Apart from that today has been quite sedate as I continued my recovery process and felt relieved when about 3pm I actually had reached an hour without feeling sick. This meant that I was fit enough to go food shopping (boo hiss) so went to pick Rich up from work to get his assistance with this task. I decided to put some music on and have a bit of a sing too as singing makes me singing does not however make the general public happy particularly some poor kid who stopped by my open window as I was singing along to Don't stop me now. This evening we have had our usual movie night and enjoyed Sherlock Holmes.

I did manage today to set up a Just Giving page for the wag walk that me and Liz are doing at the end of April, we are walking six miles along with our gorgeous pugs along the Bath skyline.
We are doing the walk for Bath Cats and Dogs home which is an amazing rescue home in my hometown. I used to volunteer there before we moved as a dog walker and small animal cuddler. The home is amazing, they never turn an animal away and the donations we raise go towards helping provide a home for a dog for as long as they need it or a shelter for a cat or rat or bunny. The animal carers are fabulous and I am looking forward to helping them again. If you want to help us meet our goal you can sponsor us here

Food wise today has looked like this...

Magic pancakes made as waffles (HEB) with 2 tsp of choc shot (1 syn) mixed berries and greek yogurt sweetener with vanilla essence and sweetener.
 Quorn bacon, mushroom, courgette and onion omelette with HEA cheese and baked beans.
Mayflower curry (5 syns) with SW chips and egg fried rice. I fancied a garlic naan but the syns were way too high for my liking so instead I used a WW pitta bread and sprayed it in garlic oil. It was a really good and I didn't miss the naan bread.
Movie pudding grapes muller light strawberry cheesecake (1) and mini party rings (5.5) taking my syns too 12.5 for the day.

That's all for me now I am going to head to bed soon as tomorrow I am going to an alt/burlesque/gothic fair with the girls so shopping may occur (correction will occur) then I have a thrilling 90 minutes of football too watch. Arsenal please please please please don't get hammered!!

Night night all xoxo

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