Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Exciting times and shopping woes

Today has been a bit of a mixed bag day not in a bad way just one mini frustration which paled into insignificance when we did the exciting thing of booking our honeymoon. We have chosen to go to Prague which has been on my bucket list since forever and we found a unique hotel which is a boat aka a botel.
It will be amazing and along with dealing with the big day I think the next 8 months will be spent in research mode. I have already found several places we must go too one of which includes a really gorgeous library. 

So apart from that excitement work was the usual and on the way home I decided to take advantage of the fact I can drive past Sainsburys and pop in for some quorn bits....
Sainsburys had other ideas though :( they are doing something to their freezers so had a limited stock. 

Since I got home I have attempted to be lazy but Doug was in full on minxy mood so my time to relax was minimal. I did manage to do a meal plan for the week ahead which I find really helps in keeping costs down and also keeps me on track.

Food wise it has been pretty standard fare for a work day
Porridge yogurt and fruit (HEB) with one of many coffees
Speed soup with babybels (HEA) and fruit
Quorn bacon, chicken and cucumber sandwich (HEB plus 1/2 syn for the mayo) and pop crisps (4)

 Sausage and orzo casserole type thing with asparague mange tout and broccoli
Muller dessert (5) taking my total to 12.5 for the day.

I am going to head to bed soon...once I've figured out how to get music from itunes on to my phone it surely can't be that hard! Night night all xoxo


  1. I love Prague! Make sure you visit La Bodeguita del Medio for the best mojito you will ever try (plus the latin dancers are amazing!), Charles Bridge at night is fabulous and if you want an authentic bohemian cafe experience then visit Cafe Louvre! Oh and Maly Buddha is the best asian / vietmanese restaurant you'll ever find. My OH proposed to me on Charles Bridge and I have so many happy memories of the place.

    1. thanks for the recommendations hun xx will definiotely add those to the list and plan to go to the bridge during the day and night x really excited it has so much gothic architecture