Friday, 28 February 2014

Sleepy girl tales

Boy am I glad it's Friday! I am literally dead on my feet tonight so this will be a quick catch up. Today wasn't too bad a day its payday which is always good! After work it was the usual routine of home walking Doug but also shopping day and Asda managed to annoy me as usual....seriously our click and collect service is pointless stupid subs and annoying waiting times. I think I may have to switch to Tesco as their service is always good.

This evening has been a quiet one we watched South Park in preparation for the game coming out next week and Rich realised he had not given me a christmas present so gave me it tonight. He had got me a reading spa for a bookshop in Bath where you can talk to someone about books, relax whilst choosing them and eat cake (yes I will be enjoying the cake part too). I am going to book it asap for a book worm this is an amazing present. I love reading and having time to be in a book shop and buy the books will be amazing. 

Food wise today was one of those days where I could have quite easily crashed off the wagon as I was so tired when I got home from work but I didn't and I feel good for not cracking.
I forgot to take a picture of breakfast but considering how often I have can see the box instead.
Satsumas and babybels (HEA)
Minestrone pasta thingum and more fruit
SW pizza and chips using a bfree wrap (HEB) topped with mushrooms, courgette and quorn roast chicken along with 65g of cheese (HEA plus 2 syns). Now you will notice two HEA's today due to a lack of milk there was only enough for two cups of coffee today so instead I synned 100ml for 2 syns and only had two coffees all day....a rarity for me!
Yoo Moo (7.5 syns) taking my total too 11.5 for the day.

I am going to head to bed now before I fall asleep here night night all xoxo

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