Thursday, 6 February 2014

Vintage Thursday

Today started strange but got better. For some reason neither me or Rich set our alarms last night so I woke up at 7.22 with a shit we have overslept. Now for a girl getting showered and dressed in under 15 minutes is pretty impressive. This did mean that I felt behind all day and I was all a fluster at work until I got the coffee inside me (and partially on me). The day seemed to fly by and I was busy working away all day interspersed with some chats with my colleagues. 

Unsurprisingly I felt drained of energy when I got in from work and promptly parked on the sofa and spent the evening chatting to my lovely girls Mitchy and Donna. Me and Donna have been on a nostalgia trip this evening realising we are probably the only two Jesus Jones fans in history. It's been so much fun going through old songs from our youth. It's definitely put a big smile on my face and now I'm enjoying The Big Reunion...not as good as last years but its good so far. I'd recommend if your down in the dumps start youtubing songs that make you smile and before you know it you will have a massive smile on your face!

We seem to have started something on facebook now though as I am now seeing videos from the past popping up its great thinking back to times in the past like dancing with Manda to my own worst enemy at Fusion (which became discord). I will definitely go to bed tonight with a big smile on my face!

Food wise thanks to the lovely Rich has been on plan today and has been pretty yum.
Porridge oats soaked in yogurt overnight then bananas, cherries and blueberries added.
The normal grape snack
Quorn chicken casserole thingum with my HEA of cheese followed by more fruit and a yogurt whilst I read my book.
Dinner expertly cooked by Rich orzo pasta with 75g of garlic and herb philli stirred in and mushrooms, courgettes and onions. It was gorgeous!
Supper was a sausage sandwich (7 syns for the bread and flora lighter than light) the danio and the chocolate getting me up to 13 syns for the day. 

Thats me for the evening, I'm going to finish up the big reunion then head to bed night night all xoxo

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