Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Facing the scales and moving on

Tuesday comes around far too fast sometimes especially when you have not quite been a SW angel and fell of the wagon. Two days of being back on plan was never going to erase the damage of the weekend excesses but I knew I had to face the scales so I could move on.

I took some moral support along with me...
He actually loves coming to group with me and seeing lots of people (the legs in the background are amazing and belong to my lovely friend Tracy). I stood on the scales and saw a 2.5lbs gain which was better than I expected. More importantly though now I have seen the gain I can move past it and focus on next week and starting my loser ways again (loser as in weight not being a loser because I am exceptionally awesome).

I did have a slight epiphany today....when I want junk food its not because I'm hungry well doh! It's because I have cravings which instead of waiting to either see if they dissapear or just ignore I feed them. This may sound obvious but as a food addict (the only real way I can describe myself) establishing true hunger from cravings is lesson one...every day is a school day. If I can master this one though it will make life much easier. I am all for the easy life.

One good thing is Rich is on a bit of a health kick at the moment so I don't want to sabotage his work so this is helping my focus. We may be trying different methods to improve our help but as a little team we can certainly achieve a lot. 

On to today, I was back to work today and managed to do my reports without asking a million questions yay me. This evening has been taken up watching Sherlock and falling more in love with Mr Cumberbatch. I am now watching Superstar dogs the road to crufts and trying not to laugh too much at the adorable dogs. 

Food wise the day has looked like this
Rice pudding with yogurt stirred in and fruit and the first of several coffees using my milk allowance (HEA)
Some of the components to make wine...i.e. grapes and water
Salad with quorn BBQ fillets and feta (HEB)
200g of gnocchi (4 syns) with the speedy tomato soup as a sauce and extra mushrooms, courgettes and onions. I topped it with feta (HEB) and grated cheese (HEA).
Chocolate covered dinosaurs (5) and a bubbly bite (3) taking the total too 12 for the day.

Thats all for me tonight as I am sleepy so will be heading to bed soon I think night night all xoxo

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