Thursday, 13 February 2014

It's so close I can smell it

The weekend is nearly here once pesky Thursday is out of the way it's finally Friday and the weekend!!! But first I had to get through Thursday. The day went well I woke up in rather a lot of pain as we had a furry visitor in the bed  and he managed to take most of my room. Seriously how can someone so small take up so much room!!

Apart from that today has been a standard day, I learnt more stuff and resisted chocolate cake. I realised too that food is ever present at work when at lunchtime the local pub brought samples for us all too try...I was already sorting my soup out so resisted but it smelt very good! I was tempted by the ratatouille or mac and cheese. Tomorrow there is a buffet lunch thing which I may have to resist. I've prepped my lunch so I certainly won't go hungry. 

This evening has been very sedate, I've chatted to my beautiful Mitchy who is going through a rough time right now so just wanted to say hugs love you sweetie and watched a bit of TV. I plan to head to bed soon as I am really tired as normal and I really want to read my book.

Food wise I have used the max syns today but enjoyed every morsal
Porridge oats soaked in yogurt overnight (HEB) with fruit.
Usual morning grape snack
Curried  veg soup fruit and babybels
Chuck everything on the plate dinner HEB bread with flora lighter than light (1) quorn nuggets (4) quorn burgers (1) sw chips beans and shrooms.. It was gorgeous and I really enjoyed it.
The rest of my syns on a bubbly bite (3) and fish n chips (6)

Thats all for tonight two days on the trot I'm doing good here haha

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