Thursday, 27 February 2014

One more sleep to go

Only one more sleep and it's the weekend!!! I am very happy about the prospect of weekend fun and sleep. Today has been a pretty standard day work eat work eat repeat but I did have the most awesome surprise courtesy of a courier.
Mitchy had been raving about these teas and it was my intention to get some on payday but she is amazing and brought me a present :D This put a huge smile on my face I am so lucky to have some amazing friends in my life.

Since I came home from its been the normal walk Doug, hang out with Rich and get excited about the prospect of filling my year up with stuff. Thanks to the lovely Mr C I ordered a ticket to go and see one of my favourite bands New Found Glory with my lovely friend Manda. The last time we saw them we nearly got crushed it was brutal for a pop punk band. Manda also made the point that by then I will be married which is a bit scary. 

Food wise today has been another good day fourth day back on plan which is a really good feeling and I am not feeling restricted or tempted by naughties. 
Overnight oats with fruit (HEB)
Mini Ryvita's (HEB) now you are supposed to have a 30g bag for a HEB but I had these lying in the cupboard and as the 6g would equate to one mini I don't mind having slightly less.
Curried vegetable soup and fruit
Meatball pasta bake (HEA plus 2 syns for extra 25g of cheese) and salad.
Green tea, muller dessert (5) and nakd raisins (3.5) taking the total too 10.5 for the day.

It's now time for me to head to bed and curl up with my book (which hopefully means I won't fall asleep within 10 minutes as I have done all week). Night night all and happy friday eve xx

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