Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A special kind of day

Some days I am really special....I do things that are just a bit dumb. Now I know what your all thinking Karen your special all the time (and not in the dumb way) but today I was amazed by how silly I can be. The first example of my silliness was spending several hours doing a report to realise I had done it wrong...because I completely forgot to select the right data. I guess at least I got to practice formatting and v lookups....

The second example came at lunch when I sat down to enjoy my lunch and went to start eating without my spoon. I remember getting my spoon out of my locker yet I managed to leave this on my desk and attempted to eat like a cavegirl. Luckily I spared myself much embarrassment by wandering back to my desk to find it. 

Apart from my dimwittedness it's been a good day I managed to run three reports today and get them looking right which I am quite chuffed with as I do find excel mind boggling! Since we got home from work its been the usual walking Doug, sorting tomorrows food and dinner for tonight. The rest of the evening was taken watching Arsenal and swearing a lot.

Food wise it's be yummy on plan and well yummy
Go on guess the breakfast....yep dorset simply fruity muesli (HEB) with fruit and yogurt
Mid morning wine
Freezer fine leftover balsamic quorn lamb with pasta and topped with feta (HEA)
Diet Ginger beer quorn chicken (same as diet coke chicken but with ginger beer) noodles and stir fried veg
Yoomoo yogurt (8 syns) 2 tsp of chocolate sauce (2) and my final HEB

I am soon going to be heading to bed to sulk over the football...really hate losing :(

Night night all x0x0

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