Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Sorry guys I went missing again for a few days...combination of extreme tiredness and the major CBA's hitting.  I have been getting home from work really tired so my evenings have consisted of doing very little.

Now for the honesty I have now been properly on plan since last Wednesday. Looking back at my stabby and general blah mood last week I guess I am not surprised. I have been feeling under the weather since my last cold and lacking the energy or desire to move off the sofa. I have started the day well with good intentions and then came home and oversynned or ordered takeaways. We did have some on plan dinners but then I'd eat chocolate or crisps or icecream.

It's a bit of a vicious cycle though as I feel rubbish so eat rubbish s don't want to cook but then I feel more rubbish. This feeling culminated in me going to weigh in last night as just wanted to stay in and rest. I don't like missing weigh in but I needed the rest more. I have already planned a full weekend of doing nothing but sitting, watching football and reading. Infact the only real energy I plan on expelling is shouting at the football which is inevitable when we are playing Liverpool.

So onto today you will be pleased to know the slimming world bus angel has returned despite the gorgeous smell of rich creamy donuty things behind me
I even moved my butt a bit as went to the bank with my colleague to see what the process is as I am on banking duty in a few weeks. It was quite simple....except we missed the big red arrow pointing to the drop off point. But in our defence it was a new bank!

Apart from the trip to the bank today has been good, I worked and stuff I think I am beginning to understand a few things a lot more which is good. Since I came home Ive taken Doug for a windy walk (not because either of us are windy but because its stormy outside...dont want you thinking we were parping) and then watched The Originals....I need to go to New Orleans and I am very jealous as I know a few people who are going there soon for Wrestlemania....wonder if I could hide in their suitcase.

Right onto my yummy on plan food
The normal dorset fruit with added fruit and yogurt.
Mid morning grape snack
Fake heinz soup babybels (HEA) and fruit which I nearly forgot to picture as I was engrossed in my book so you get to see orange peel and my apple.
SW chips done with BBQ frylight roasted veg and halloumi topped quorn burgers (3 syns for the burgers and extra 15g of halloumi).
The rest of my syns taking me to 14.5 for the day.

I'm going to watch more The Originals now and dream of New Orleans...may have to pull out some Anne Rice books soon.

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  1. Hey, stumbled across your blog and really enjoyed reading your posts, I have nominated you for a Libester Award