Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A leopard trying to change their spots

So after Vintage Thursday I did plan to blog daily and stay on track neither of which has happened...I am not so good at this wagon sitting. I was all fired up and then what happens...something happens and I fall of track. Lets go back to Friday first on this whistle stop tour of the past week so you are all caught up.

Friday was a good day food wise and all on plan until dinner when I went out with the girls to Jamie's Italian and had a gorgeous dinner and catch up. I planned to have a flexi meal and enjoy my choices and hanging out with the girls it was a lovely evening.

Saturday I had planned a lazy day with only energy expelled watching the football....which I have now erased from my memory as it was a horrible painful match to watch. Again I stayed on plan throughout the day but when the evening hit I descended into raiding the chocolate and freezer and anything I fancied. I have no justification for this either and this was the catalyst for Sunday.

On Sunday I started well with a SW fry up but then the devil hit
I decided in a petulant manner that I was going to have whatever I wanted and pretty much spent the day munching away on rubbish. By Monday I was in the mode of I can't be bothered to get back on plan I am grumpy so I will have whatever I want and then the day descended into rubbishness. Something happened at work which upset me and for some reason when I get upset I just eat even more rubbish. It really doesn't help in the long run but when I am in the food bubble I feel temporarily better. The thing is it cannot carry on not just because I want to look nice on my wedding day but health wise. 

I could have quite easily skipped weigh in yesterday but decided I really needed to go and see how bad the damage was. I put on 4.5lbs which could have been worse but group was good and supportive as was our lovely consultant. It was the couple of the year and I was nominated along with my two amazing friends Jen and Tracy (threesome of the year haha) we didn't win but it was fab to be nominated and explain why we are supportive of each other. It's amazing having two friends who are on the same journey as you and understanding when your struggling at the same group. 

I woke up this morning promising myself I was going to get sorted and get my butt back on the wagon. I've planned my meals for the week ahead nothing too fancy just nice simple food that is on plan and take one meal as it comes. I also need to find a way of helping my moods instead of feeding them junk. Those who follow my blog will know I struggle with depression 99.9% of the time I am absolutely fine but then it hits me like a freight train and I need to learn how to deal with it better. Maybe I should start knitting....though that looks hard!

Today has been a good work day busy but good...we did spend some time looking at the lampposts that seemed to be swaying as the weather is pretty awful. I did manage a walk with Doug without losing him to the wind though he was not amused as the wind was making his ears flap more than normal. This evening whilst waiting for Rich to finish work we have just relaxed and watched the buildup to the Arsenal game tonight. Doug also helped me prep dinner tonight.
He is waiting for me to drop cheese I think...

Food wise its been on plan which is good for me
Dorset simply fruity muesli with fruit and yogurt and the first of many coffees (using HEA of milk)
More coffee and wine before it ferments and has to be eaten in the pure form

Mushy pea curry and orzo and orange things
Snacks when I got home from work special k chewy bar (4.5 thanks donna for recommending them :x) and a danio (3)
Mahoosive pasta bake with two healthy extras of cheese with a homemade tomato sauce.
Snickers in a cup made with 20g of peanut hottie (4 syns) and 2 tsps of choc shot (1 syn) taking me to 12.5 for the day.

And that's me caught up for today I am going to enjoy the last few minutes of the game (now I know the score and know that we didn't lose!) night night all xoxo

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  1. Hi, Karen, I think the relentless rain and wind has pulled moods down all over the country, feel so sorry for the ones with flooding. I'm always glad to read your blog, and see how you are getting on. Re knitting, try crochet first if you don't know how to do either, it's easier, as you can't really drop stitches in the same way, and can make a blanket for Doug if you just keep going round and round, maybe get someone to start you off. Lidl and Aldi have wool at times cheaply. Lots of youtube tutorials, but don't start with anything fancy! Attic24 is a good crochet blog, and she only learnt how to do it a few years ago. Best wishes, M x