Wednesday, 26 February 2014

It's the hump day

You wonderful glorious hump day! You have come around much quicker than normal (yes I guess it does help having Monday off). 

It's not been too shabby a day, for some reason there was hardly any traffic on the road and the sun was shining most of the day except for about 10 minutes when the heavens opened and it left this lovely rainbow.
Work was good, lots too do and a promise for every silly question I now ask Ill make peanut butter I just need to find the recipe ;). I came home walk the master then went to the doctors which was a much swifter than normal experience...

The rest of the evening has been filled with Hollyoaks picking Rich up from work then a bit more TV before bed. Not the most thrilling of days so here is a sign to rival Hollywood
Food wise I am on my third day on plan and feeling rather good about it.
Dorset simply fruity muesli (HEB) with fruit and yogurt and coffeeeeeh (HEA for the many cups)
I have no other ways of making grapes sound interesting so I added a calculator into it.....
Mitchystrone soup babybels (HEA) and fruit.
Snack as wasn't eating till late two hifi bars complete with a decent marshmallow quota (HEB) and my final coffee of the day.
Cheats curry a tin of chickpea dahl, tin of chopped tomatoes and 1tbsp of curry powder. I added mushrooms and courgettes too. Takes less than 10 minutes to cook the whole meal.
Pudding gingerbread men (6) and muller dessert (5) so 11 for the day.

And that's all from me bye bye for now


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