Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Searching for my mojo

My mojo has seemed well and truly broken since Friday. Usual combination of tiredness plus feeling low meant reaching for the rubbish instead of the stuff that I know will make me feel better inside. Yet my brain does not compute with this and instead I am like the human dustbin. If someone can explain why I have gone from being miss focus to miss shovelfooddownmygullet I will be happy to hear it. 

I had a chat with Mitchymoo last night and it was good to chat about struggling on the plan. The thing is I know slimming world is fab I know the food I make is gorgeous and the junk food won't make my mood better yet I still have it. I am just going to have to keep doing a stern face at my silly brain until it gets to grips with not sending me off the wagon. 

So today I got myself back on the sparkly purple bus full of unicorns (and unikitty's)
Today has been a good day busy but good...I had an induction thingum this morning which came with coffee...this always makes me happy! I also had bank duty today which meant a trek down and up a steepish hill (honestly it is). I didn't even die on the way back up the hill....though I know you think this is obvious as I am writing this blog but you never know ghosts can type! Well those that have hands can..

Once we got home it was the usual Doug walk prepping food for tomorrow then sitting down doing very little as Rich offered to cook. I am going to spend the evening watching Supersize vs Superskinny which always helps my brain focus....sometimes shock tactics work on me!

Food wise it looked a bit like this
Overnight oats (HEB) with berries and yogurt.
Broccoli spinach and laughing cow blue cheese triangles (3 syns) with fruit
Tagliatelle with veg and quorn sausages and a tub of low low (HEA and HEB) expertly cooked by Rich
Muller dessert (5) and special k biscuit moments (5) taking me total too 15 for the day as I used 2 syns on semi skimmed milk in my training coffees.

And on that note I am going to finish scarying myself over supersize vs superskinny and leave you with this message

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