Saturday, 26 January 2013

Day of doing very little

As the title says I have spent today doing not very much and it was just what I needed. I didn't quite get the long lie in I wanted as Doug kept disturbing me so I got up and sorted him out. When we got some bits from aldi yesterday I treated myself to some of their sub rolls and had this monster sandwich for breakfast.

The sub roll worked out to be a heb plus 1.5 syns as I took some of the bread out and then I added mushrooms, three slices of low low cheese and a tesco meatfree lincolnshire sausage. It was blinking awesome and I will be having something very similar tomorrow. Infact it was so awesome I insisted on going and telling Rich about it...not sure if he appreciated that but hey it was his getup time!

Mid morning I was slightly peckish but didn't know what I wanted so I settled for this

Huge mug of coffee!!! Sneaking into the picture is Rich's foot and Doug who was busy watching Eastenders.

Lunch was a bit of a weekend normality pasta with veg and cheese

I added broccoli and mushrooms and it went down very well. After this I decided a bubble bath whilst listening to the football was in order.

Yesterday when Rich was going through the freezer he found some quorn chicken nuggets and decided he wanted to try them for dinner. They work out as 1/2 a syn per nugget and they were really tasty. I cooked up some of the best SW chips I have done in a while along with some mushrooms and onions. It felt like a really naughty dinner even though it wasn't

The only thing missing was some tomato sauce so think I will have to go and find my recipe for it.

I decided to watch the original swedish version of the girl with the dragon tattoo tonight so prepped some munchies taking my syn total to 11 for the day

Apple and kiwi chopped up, a strawberry greek muller and a flump and rocky road hifi chopped into little bits. I used the yogurt as a dip and it was very satisfying.

Its time for me to head to bed now, not the most exciting blog but I really havnt done anything today


  1. ERRRR no mikado!! Lolxx

  2. well done for staying on track

  3. Another great day. You're doing so so well. Well done. Were those sausages chilled or frozen?

    Have a lovely Sunday xx

  4. hehe no slimming mum im running low so saving them for tonight ;)

    thanks claire and kirsten its hard going at the moment but im working hard to stay focused xx the sausages were frozen I will definitely be getting more of them too they were so nice im having the same breakfast today