Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The McDonalds temptation

Today has been a challenge day for me....no matter how much I want a good loss tomorrow the little devil of fatness wanted junk food, she wanted a takeaway and she was not listening to reason. We went to pets at home after work with Doug to get him a new harness and its right next too McDonalds and I really wanted one. I don't even like McDonalds that much but I was drooling at the thought of one. Rich was strong and said no and we headed home. I am glad he was strong as I had broken and would have potentially ruined my hard work.

So why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we get to the night before weigh in and sabotage mode kicks in. How do we retrain the devil to remain an angel and not fall into the pit of temptation...I wish I had the magic answer it is not easy. I know recently I have been very strong so I am not sure what went wrong today but thankfully I remained on plan. 

So food wise today despite the devil it was a good day on plan. I started the morning with an old favourite

Coffee and dorset fruit muesli with extra fruit in and a mug of coffee in my lovely Harley mug!

Harley is kind of one of my goals, me and Rich want to go to comicon in san diego and id love to go dressed up as Harley however right now I couldn't get away with this outfit!

There was some minor excitement for me today when a package came for me

Yes I got excited over a hole punch but it is battery powered! This makes my life much easier at work as it means I won't be putting extra pressure on my hands. I just need to get used to it now as it is a bit freaky! 

Lunch was a gorgeous bowl of Mitchy soup with some cherry tomatoes, grapes, bear yoyo and an apple

I spent lunch time texting Mitchy eating my lunch and reading my book...productive lunch I must say!

I've already told you about my food cravings but the lovely Rich helped me stick on plan by helping me make an omelette and sw chips...my omelette didn't flip as well as his but it still tasted gorgeous

I had mushrooms and peppers in mine with 3 babybel lights and some feta (2 syns for 25g). 

I was craving a sweet treat after so out came the mikado

I'm going to spend the rest of the evening watching the biggest loser and then early night with my book. I am hoping the stupid heavy snow that has been coming down goes away overnight so we don't have to deal with a drive to work that is the equivalent of power boating....did you know there is a 1 in 10 chance of you dying (richie factoid for the evening). 

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  1. Damn, I forgot about YoYo's, I could have bought some of those in today for my 12 hour shift!
    Well done on skipping the MaccyD's - it's never worth the way the make you feel afterwards! Can't wait to see how you get on at weigh in today xx