Monday, 14 January 2013

Comfort food and a lot of walking

Me and Monday's are not friends yet it keeps coming back to haunt me! I didn't sleep particularly well last night partly due to that Sunday gloom feeling but also Rich is on lates this week so he goes to bed a lot later and I sleep lightly so always wake up for a chat. 

So the alarm went off and I got up and did my normal routine of a zombie walk downstairs to wake Doug up for a toilet then a zombie walk up to have a shower and look human. One of the things that did wake me slightly out of my slumber was the realisation I really need new work trousers as mine are getting far too big :D I think on payday I'm going to have to go into a shop and try on some trousers to see what size I can get into now.

Food wise I have been a good girl yet again I do not know what has changed in my mindset but I am determined to keep going and not falter. Maybe for christmas I got a new head or maybe that huge gain shocked me more than I thought. Who knows but lets hope it lasts.

Breakfast will not surprise regular readers of the blog

Mug of coffee along with 40g of dorset fruit muesli with a muller light and fruit. I didn't get blueberries this week as my last couple of boxes haven't been great so this time I have raspberries and black forest fruits which have cherries, grapes, blackberries and blackcurrents in. Lots of fruit this morning.

It was the usual busy morning and lunchtime came very quickly. Lunch was a bit different today and strange for such a cold day.

Two chickpea dahl muffins with a feta salad which had cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, feta (HEA) grated carrot, pepper and beetroot. I followed it up with an apple and some grapes...think I'm doing well on the superfree today.

During the afternoon I came up with the plan of taking Doug on a long walk when I got home. So that's what I did

It was a really fun walk but very muddy due to a slight mistake on route where we wandered through the wrong exit. Doug made friends with several puddles so was very muddy when we got home but he loved it! I'm quite impressed with being able to do just over 3 miles and apart from being tired still being alive.

It was freezing out so I decided comfort food was needed. I went to pick Rich up from work and then came home and prepped this gorgeous meal inspired by the food eaten by the lovely Mitchy and the lovely Claire. 

I unfortunately dropped my egg whilst trying to put it on the plate doh :( but I had two quorn pork and apple sausages (1 syn each) wedges, baked beans, mushrooms and as I still had a healthy B left I had two slices of bread which was 1 heb plus 1.5 syns (1 syn per 10g additional over 60g). I treated myself to 2tsps of clover light (1 syn per tsp) so the whole meal was 5.5 syns. I am now properly stuffed. 

So that's Monday done and it is getting ever closer to weigh in. I am really hoping for a good loss again this week. I am feeling a little unconfident as nervous about this weigh in. I'm not sure why when we have 100% weeks we still don't always expect a loss but fingers and toes crossed as I want to get into the next stone bracket!


  1. I'll have everything crossed for you. I'm convinced I've gained this week - am sure last weeks bad food will catch up with me, plus star week is on it's way :( x

  2. I'm hoping that team mitchy is victorious tomorrow hun xx im going to keep everything crossed for you too