Sunday, 13 January 2013

Good food day

I do wonder why the weekends go so quickly its now 8pm on Sunday night and work beckons in the morning. Last night I invented snickleday which is a day between saturday and sunday but so far I can't find a way of implimenting it ;)

I got up earlier today I actually purposely set my alarm for 9am and decided that I was going to make an omelette now I have my fancy non stick pans.

It has mushrooms, peppers and onions in plus my healthy extra of cheese it was gorgeous and the pan didn't get stuck so I'm really pleased with it! 

Me and Rich were having a lazy day today catching up on some tv that i'd recorded though I did make a quick trip to the shops for some bits I'd forgotten yesterday including some broccoli so I could make a new soup. The recipe was provided by my new bff Mitchy (  and it was gorgeous. Even my vegetable hating fiance enjoyed it.

It was made with broccoli spinach onions garlic and blue cheese laughing cow triangles. It is definitely going to stay on the menu especially as it got Rich eating his veg. I washed it down with a cup of green tea as I am trying to drink more of it considering how much I like it. The soup works out at 1.5 syns per portion so nice and low. Ive popped one in the freezer and Rich has one for work tomorrow.

Afterwards I fancied something sweet so decided to try the new turkish delight mullers and a banana

The muller was nice but didn't blow me away so I doubt ill be taken away from my favourites.

I was on a bit of a mission to have some different food available for lunches this week so made up a batch of chickpea dahl muffins

These are so simple to make and so yummy. Its a packet of bachelors savory rice cooked as directed then you add to the rice a tin of chickpea dahl (asda do the syn free variety) and 3 eggs. It can be made as a loaf but I prefer it as muffins just for ease. I cooked them for 20 minutes at 200 and will be having them during the week with salad.

Once these were done I sat down to the football and wish I hadn't....the game had me swearing a lot and very annoyed by the end of it. Less said about that game the better! 

During my baking session I had prepped the pies for our dinner

Mine is at the back and I realised rich had made an addition during the afternoon hehe. Mine was made with quorn chicken, peas and mushrooms cooked off in some stock then I added 150g of garlic and herb philli (2 x heb) to make a nice creamy sauce. i topped mine with sweet potato as didn't fancy using the syns on pastry. Rich's had chicken and mushroom in it.

Once the football was done it was time for dinner now please excuse the presentation but think I overfilled my pie pot hehe

I had lots of veg as normal with broccoli cauliflower green beans sprouts and then some of the aunt bessies carrot and swede mix (syn free and gorgeous). A good food optimising meal and I didn't miss the pastry too much. 

For my pudding I had mikado and because I had 8 syns left I had 16 mikado

I adore mikado right now and they hit the right spot. I feel nice and full now, breakfast and lunch is all prepped for tomorrow so I think its time to relax with a bit of CSI.

Oh and in breaking news it is snowing in Bristol


  1. So glad you liked the soup, can't beat a minimal effort meal!

    No snow yet in Great Yarmouth :(

  2. I'm shocked how much Rich liked it and he does not do vegetables