Saturday, 19 January 2013

Weekend laziness

Today is a day I am feeling quite chuffed with myself as usually when I am feeling as lazy and unwell as I was today I'd reach for the junk food but I didn't yay me. The day didn't start too well as I didn't wake up feeling too well my breathing was very laboured and it felt like I had a blockage in my throat. I moaned to Rich a fair bit about it convinced I had a chest infection coming but a quick trip to the walk in clinic told me it wasn't. Infact all this time I have been using my inhaler wrong so after a brief tutorial and a lecture about using my steroid one every day I was packed off with the relevant prescriptions. Needless to say I need to learn to order new prescriptions on time and take the doctors advice on board. Thankfully the symptoms are easing now.

Breakfast this morning was inspired by a discussion on our SW groups page about magic pancakes. I have had them before but normally they were a bit of a disaster as pancakes so I had made them as muffins everytime I had them. I now have new pans so decided to give them a good and I must say they turned out well!! (thanks mitchy for the tip on cooking them on a low heat and being patient)

On top is kiwi (a fruit first for me) and banana along with a coconut and vanilla greek muller. This is a really filling breakfast and went down a treat. I may have to make some up for work as they can be eaten cold (or nuked in the microwave).

It took a while for me to get hungry today (could be due to the breathing issues too) so when lunchtime hit I went for the easy option of cheesy veggie pasta. I used half a tub of low low and 40g of cheese

It was gorgeous one of my favourite dishes and so easy to make.

As I said today was a lazy day so dinner was very simple and quick but also gorgeous

Lots of SF in there including some beansprouts. I served this with quorn beef fillet pieces which are nice but not amazing though they did help bulk this out.

I had a bit of a sweet tooth afterwards and had barely used my syns so I decided to have some fruit and a greek muller light (0.5) and a special k biscuit thingy. They have brought out a new chocolate one and it is gorgeous

So tasty Doug wanted some!

Syn wise I had 7.5 today which is about average for me and gives me some leeway after yesterdays slightly over synning. Sunday's are also my weakest day and I have a football game to swear and shout my way through too which may find me reaching for the snacks. I want another loss this week so hopefully that desire will win out! I have the food planned out now so I am determined.

I am going to end the blog here as I am multitasking by talking to Mitchy and watching CSI I heart Grissom

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  1. Glad you're feeling better, and go you for staying on plan :)
    Stay strong tomorrow, you can do it! Think of the scales x