Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow snow and more snow

As you may guess from the title I got greeted by some lovely (or not so lovely) snow this morning.

The weather was not nice and the roads were pretty slippy so it made driving to work fun. I was on my own in work for a bit too but thankfully some of my team did turn up in the end. 

Breakfast was something a little different this morning I had crushed up 5 scan bran and mixed them with fruit and yogurt

It wasn't too bad but I would have preferred it more crushed but my mixer started smoking which isn't a good sign...

Now I wasn't quite with it today so I kept forgetting to take pictures of my food so mid morning I had a snack of grapes

however I forgot to take a picture until halfway through.

It got worse at lunchtime I was so engrossed in my book that I ate my soup without taking a picture :(

You can see the lovely empty bowl of veg soup which was a bag of chopped veg from asda chopped tomatoes and garlic chucked into my soup maker. It was nice but needs a bit of something. I have another pack of veg so I will see what else I can create.

Rich was working from home today until 8 so when I got home I didn't want to disturb him so me and Doug went down to the field for some fun in the snow then I had a lovely though slightly too warm bubble bath...need to learn to monitor the temperature better!

I decided for dinner I was going to make a korma style curry which turned out pretty well though didn't look like a korma

Mine was a mushroom korma and I used a spice pack that had been in our herb and spice draw for a bit. I added a coconut greek muller to it and it was yummy. Not quite as perfect as a takeaway curry but it was good enough!

It was friday night film night and my pick so I went for Iron Man 2 nice bit of robert downey jnr always a treat! I also had some special k crackers to munch on during the movie

All in all a good day on the wagon again and now its the weekend yay. I plan on doing nothing this weekend and avoiding going out in the snow as much as possible.