Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Pacman pizza eater

Have you ever noticed that Pacman looks really greedy his mouth his huge and usually open.

I do feel sorry for the Ghosts (who are called Blinky Pink Inky and Clyde) they look a bit scared. We have a stuffed Clyde upstairs in our bedroom along with other random toys. Now I could be all smart here and say that the ghosts are symbolic of something but today I am pacman my mouth is open and pizza went in it.

Before we look at the synful side lets look at the good! Weigh in and another 1.5lbs gone...I won't deny I wanted more but its a good loss. I want my next sticky next week so I am going to try a few success express days. Tomorrow is payday so the fridge, freezer and cupboards will be restocked with lots of good goodies!

On to the noms of the day

Another helping of carrot cake porridge and coffee modelled by squeeze dog.

Lunch was a bit different (and after reading Mitchy's blog it seems we were on a similar food wavelength just 24 hours apart).

I had three ryvita sweet onion flavours and three emmenthal laughing cow cheeses along with a pot of beetroot and my usual fruit and a yogurt too. It was very good and actually filled me up until a little while ago.

Now before I post the next pictures I will warn you look away if you are easily swayed into naughtiness. Now when I get back from group I am normally hungry and tired

Meet baby doug at around 3 weeks this is me after weigh in but less messy!


Pizza followed by carrot cake (well carrots are superfree...okay I can't get away with that one)

I enjoyed every bite at first but I do feel a bit sick now...joys of not eating junk food. Rich was happy though as this was his first proper meal in weeks as we normally eat rabbit food.

Now just to clarify I do not feed Rich rabbit food unless you count carrots just lots of veggies and generally healthy food but his innards are much healthier this way ;) Tomorrow I am off into town to buy trousers that don't fall down and pug cushions I am rather excited hehe.

I am going to finish on a quote (credit to the lovely jen newman for saying this)

Always reach for the moon cuz if u slip up u will still be a star


  1. The ryvita and laughing cow combo is surprisingly filling isn't it? And perfect for lazy girl lunch!

    As always, well done on the weight loss, how many weeks on the spin is that now with a loss? Stickies for us both next week :)

    I'm having pizza tonight too, however mine is good girl pizza *polishes halo* :p xxxx

  2. Thats 5 weeks on the spin for me lets make it 6!!

    I will definitely be doing the lazy girl lunch more often it worked well hehe xx