Monday, 21 January 2013

Insert witty status here

You will probably remember from my blog this time last week that I am not a fan of Monday's. However today was not too bad and probably helped by the fact Rich is on early's this week, for some reason the day always goes quicker.

The walk to work was amusing because for once I was storming ahead of Rich...not because I have become The Flash....

but mainly because for once I was the sensible show wearer and I was wearing shoes with brilliant grips. Rich did eventually overtake me when he decided it was more sensible to walk in the road.

Breakfast was a bit of a food fail today :( I decided that after I had broken my food processor trying to crush up scan bran that I would take Mitchy's advice and soaked it in warm water. The only problem was I put too much better in it and it turned into a nasty mush

I managed to get down about half of this before I gave up. Mental note stick with the dorset fruit muesli or carrot cake porridge. Also this is a warning to everyone scan bran can break food processors :( okay so the minute it began smoking I should have stopped but I was determined..

The morning flew by and I was on productivity overload. I am beginning to see  the light at the end of the tunnel or something equally smart.

Lunch time was a success! I nuked my soup and sat down with an excellent book on my kindle Safe House.

Home made tomato soup its really simply I just chucked tin tomatoes, tomato puree, carrots, celery, onion and garlic into a pan heated it through then blended. It tastes really good.

When work was done for the day we had the nice discovery that the paths were clearing so it wasn't so dicey walking back to the car. I had already decided that once I got back from walking Doug I was going to have a bubble bath and read through reading was put on a back burner whilst I tweeted/fbooked people and became fascinated by the refresh noise on twitter...hey it is monday I will be a bit odd today.

Dinner was quite simple with a pasta bake but it was gorgeous

Ooo look its Doug. The sauce was made with a grated carrot, onions, garlic, chopped tomatoes, passata and tomato puree. I also chucked in some dairylea to make it creamy. We had run out of our main cheese so Rich chopped up some babybels for my side.

I fancied something sweet afterwards so I mixed up some fruit, a flump and a strawberry greek muller

Nice and simple but tasty.

I'm going to end the blog here because I have insisted on watching Marley and Me for the 100th time and as normal I am blubbing. I am so sappy where dogs are concerned.


  1. Just had to say thank you for your blog, love your humor and your Doug :0) Look forward to reading it and Doug's pictures always make chuckle.

  2. thanks hun xx i enjoy writing it and im glad people enjoy reading it