Sunday, 30 December 2012

Hang on what day is it...

I am completely confused is it Sunday? Hmmm I better check that out incase it's not and I am going back to work sooner than I think. Probably not helping myself watching a Cat playing piano there is some weird stuff on TV right now....

Anyway firstly thankyou for the new people who have found my blog today and enjoyed it and to those existing readers thankyou too x it is great to know people read my rambles.

I did another day on plan today and feeling good about myself though today has been a hungry day. I managed to wake up slightly earlier today and decided I had to try my new non stick pans out so decided on a sweet omelette with fruit and yogurt.

The omelette is made with three eggs, sweetener and vanilla essence. I put some fruit and yogurt inside and had the extra on the side. Of course this was also accompanied by coffee....where would a day for me be without coffee!

A different mug this was my secret santa present and its great!

I decided that as I have a huge pile of both actual and kindle books and comics to get through I was going to spend today mostly reading.

I didn't get as far as I wanted as the comic pile was huge but it was nice and relaxing.

Lunch was a simple cheesy pasta dish

It's orzo cooked as directed with mixed veg and mushrooms added and half a tub of low low. Nice simple and on plan!

About an hour later I was hungry again maybe all this reading is making me hungry. I fancied some chips so decided to make some yummy slimming world chips.

They were sprayed in BBQ fry light to make them complete syn free and were yummy. I'm always impressed by how my chips look considering I just bung them in the oven on a net thing.

After my chips I ended up having a nap which was good but boy did I wake up confused. I was completely unaware of where I was and concerned that Rich and Doug were not there...unfortunately I've watched too much walking dead so instead of thinking rationally I thought zombie apocalypse. Okay maybe I shouldn't nap I came downstairs and found Doug sleeping on the sofa so the world was safe phew.

You won't be surprised by the fact I was getting hungry again but me and Rich had sofa glue so it took us a while to get up and start cooking. We did posh shopping this week as we had a voucher for waitrose so Rich got some Heston Blummenthal sausages so it was sausage and mash for dinner. I had quorn pork and apple style sausages (1 syn each) which are gorgeous. Im not overly keen on quorn sausages but these are really good. 

I had batch made some syn free gravy a few weeks back so had some of  that with some veggies nom nom! For pudding I used my final HEB on two hifi bars with fruit and yoghurt and a meringue crushed up. It was sweet and yummy and healthy and did I say yummy.

Tomorrow is NYE so it's unlikely I'll blog tomorrow evening. I am going to be doing an EE day as we are having a special dinner and will also be enjoying some wine. Happy New Year to you all and lets make 2013 a skinny year

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  1. Happy new year!! Hope you had fun and wishing you a slimming 2013 x