Saturday, 29 December 2012

Arsenal 7 TV 42....with extra noms

Well another day on plan ticked off and it has been a good day today. Firstly last nights dinner was gorgeous! If you have not tried mayflower curry yet I would really recommend it. 

Packed full of veggies and it tasted so nice. The whole meal was 7 syns (4 for the mayflower and 3 for the rice). I do try and cook rice from scratch but when Rich is on a late it is easier to chuck in an Uncle Ben's pouch. We had this whilst watching Quantum of Solace and I fancied something sweet afterwards.

Good old banana and custard yoghurt! Love these ones.

So onto today, I actually woke up kinda late for me and pretty hungry. After successfully trying a fried egg over Christmas (yes I've not had one before) I decided to try and make one today. I was successful but it did confirm that we needed new pans.

I had two linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages, mushrooms and spaghetti. Of course I also had my coffeh (Rich will get the relevance there).

After breakfast me and Rich faffed around a bit deciding whether we were going to go out to get him a new TV but in the end the decision was made that we would as I had found some new pans in Argos I wanted.

Bargain price of £32.75 and they are lovely non stick ones. I unpacked them then decided it was lunchtime for me so I sat back and had my lunch whilst Rich set up his TV....who'd have thought they'd be so complicated!!

Lunch was gorgeous I had three sweet onion ryvita's (HEB) four dairylea light (HEA) plum tomatos grapes and quorn ham. I really enjoyed this it was so simple but yummy and set me up for the football...

I was not looking forward to the game at all infact I expected us to lose but infact we won 7-3...blooming amazing!! During the first half I was playing with my new nail art kit that Rich's amazing mum got me for christmas and it took some practice but I have black nails with paw prints on...only problem is the paws are pretty small as I need to practice so I will probably play with it again tomorrow and put up a picture.

Once the football was done it was dinner time and we had decided to have hunters chicken/quorn fillet. This dish is gorgeous and so simple.

The quorn fillet is wrapped in quorn ham (Rich had chicken in bacon) and the sauce is 8floz of passata, 4 tbsps balsamic, 1tbsp worcestershire sauce, 3 tbsp sweetener and a tsp of chilli. I topped this with my HEB of cheese. For any veggies reading the worcestershire sauce is not vegetarian but there is a veggie version or you could leave it out. I served this with lots of veg and sw chips. We havn't had this in a while but it is gorgeous so will need to do it again soon.

Syn wise I had only used 3 up to that point on oil so decided that a chocolate fix would be good. 

Good old 5 syn freddo. Rich was nomming on his harribo at the same time and also gave me two of those which I discovered were 1 syn for the both so that takes the day to 9. I am keeping the syns low so I can enjoy my bottle of wine on Monday though whether I will drink it all I do not know. 

So thats me for the day two days back on plan under the belt and lets hope I can continue until weigh in.


  1. Hello! Just found your blog via the Slimming World Files and had to immediately subscribe as I'm another vegetarian Bristol (I'm assuming Bristol as I think I spied a Philipott's soup in one of the photos - I lived on those when I worked in an office!) goth doing Slimming World and need all the inspiration I can get after this Christmas! :)

    Good luck with your week! I have my first weigh in for a fortnight tomorrow and am dreading it! ;)

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I loved reading your blog today. I've just started SW a few weeks ago and your an inspiration to me, well done on the 3 stone loss. keep up the good work.

  3. Thankyou so much for your comments xx It's always nice to know people read my rambles good luck with both your journeys xxxx

    Madameguillontine yes that is philpotts in bristol love that place!!