Friday, 28 December 2012

Ooops I did it again and jumping back on the wagon

Apologies for the lack of blog again but Christmas was kinda busy then back to normality of work.

Now first things first I faced the scales last night and gained an almighty 9lbs! It's amazing what one week off plan can do and yes it was a week as it went downhill the minute I walked out of group last week. But the line is drawn and now I have a new focus as on Christmas day my lovely boyfriend Richard asked me to marry him. I of course accepted and now my goal is to get into a gorgeous dress for our wedding (when we work out when this will be haha).

So I decided to do a bit of a collage of some of the food that caused the big gain...oh and of course the ring!

You will see that even yesterday I didn't get back on plan. This isn't everything I had but I kept forgetting the pictures. You will notice one meal looks sw friendly and that was it. 

I ended the collage with the new book, we got these last night and Ive had a quick peak through but going to properly read it over the weekend. 

I jumped right back on the wagon today and boy did it feel good.

I am back to work now so I have more of a routine. I started the day with 35g of dorset fruit muesli (reduction from the previous 40g :( ) water and coffee. I had forgotten how much I love this cereal over the last week or so. I added blueberries to the cereal so got some good old superfree in.

Today went quite slow and by lunch time I was starving. 

When I got back from group last night I did a bit of a raid in the freezer so I didn't have to prep much. The brownish stuff is mushy pea curry with extra peppers mushrooms and courgettes. I had one packet of the bear yoyo leaving the other one for a mid afternoon snack if I was hungry. I really enjoyed my lunch and felt quite chuffed by having two good meals.

The afternoon flew by and I am now off work for 4 days (only did two this week too hehe). I left work at 4 and did a few errands once I got a response from Rich on his dinner preference (curry). I headed home and took the Dougle out on a walk for those who do not know this is Doug

He is the best exercise for me I love walking him so I am glad I can get back to doing it. Weather dependent I may go out for some longer walks this weekend.

During the walk I realised that I hadn't had my second healthy A and got very excited about milky coffees. Once we got back and I changed I made myself a latte and decided to have my other yoyo pack to keep me going.

Now the coffee was 1 syn due to these little beauties. They are syrups like you get in Costa and I had a tsp of the vanilla one in my coffee. It was gorgeous!! I still have enough milk left for another coffee later :D 

Rich is on lates this week so no dinner yet but we are having mayflower curry with lazy rice (microwave rice) I am going to do the prep in a bit and will show you how it looks tomorrow. It will be a 7 syn meal as the rice is 3 syns now and the mayflower is 4. 

My aim for the next weigh in is to get as much of the 9lb gain back off again. Hope everyone had a good christmas xx

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