Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Forgive me blog for I have synned and I did not enjoy it either.

I do not know why but the beast found me this afternoon and I ate junk food, kicking myself because I have been good this week and also because now I feel rubbish. It started with a craving for chips but instead of having the nice free sw ones I went for the oven ones. Okay so they are not high in syns but the added garlic mayo didn't help. If I had stopped there it would have been fine but I then added chocolate to the mix and crisps and babybels. I have totted up the damage and its not pushing me over the weekly total of 105 but I am still dissapointed with myself for doing this. Especially as it is weigh in tomorrow and I really wanted my 3 stone award. After the binge I felt awful and had a major sugar crash so I will not be repeating this again. 

The rest of the day the food was bang on plan and I had some nice food today. I started the day with a cheese omelette loaded with vegetables which was really nice and filling. I think I have now perfected making an omelette. I cook it in the pan so the bottom is cooked then I chuck the cheese on and stick it under the grill. It turns out well each time.

Note the cute plates too I love my Hello Kitty plates though I don't have the complete set but do have two of each bit which is a shame :(

For lunch I made tomato soup using a recipe a few people on the SW group have used, its not the magic soup which includes baked beans and a pickled onion. I fried off some onions and garlic then added vegetable stock two chopped carrots and 3 sticks of celery. I let this simmer away for a bit until soft then I added two tins of tomatoes and some tomato puree and once it was cooked I blitzed it. I decided to have a weight watchers petit pain with it.

The soup was absolutely gorgeous and I will definitely make it again. It was so easy to make too and I have enough left for two more lunches. After this I decided to have some fruit and yoghurt.

Then I settled down to watch the rest of Downton Abbey and then Snow White and the Huntsman and thats when the insanity begun.

Rich is on lates this week so once he got home I cooked dinner whilst watching the football...less said about that the better but needless to say I am not a happy gooner at the moment. In the spirit of trying new things this week I tried the new quorn pork and apple sausages. I am not a lover of quorn sausages but this changed my mind they were gorgeous. I decided to make a sausage casserole of sorts and once cooked I added the sausages to the mushrooms, onions, garlic and tin tomatoes. It worked really well. I served this with veggies and the aunt bessies carrot and swede mash. No potatoes tonight but to be honest I didn't feel I needed them.

I topped the sausage casserole with my HE of cheese though it didn't really need it...I should have offset the babybels from earlier.

Tomorrow evening is weigh in and I hope the madness from today has not ruined my hard work this week. 

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