Monday, 3 December 2012


It's amazing that after over 8 years together I am still surprised by things Rich doesn't like and tonight I discovered this was Parmesan after I begun chucking it on his dinner...cue removing the Parmesan and chucking it on my plate...well cheese must not be wasted!

Anyway today has been a good day on the superfree front, I had my 15 today and kept the syns minimal.

I woke up fancying a sausage sandwich and cheese and mushrooms so that is exactly what I had.

Oddly today is not a hungry day so this kept me going until lunchtime. I had got some mushy pea curry out but when I looked at it I felt I needed to add more to it. So I chucked in a tin of tomatoes and some extra veg and got this.

It looks huge in this portion and I ate it all. It was very filling though I wonder if making it into a soup would have been better but it is kinda soupy. I followed this with a pudding as Rich is on lates this week so we are going to be eating later. 

Very simple just blueberries and raspberries topped with a banana and custard muller. I tend to use frozen fruit (which I defrost as required) as it is more cost effective and the blueberries are really sweet and tasty.

I then ventured out into the human world and left Downton Abbey behind as I had an appointment at a new bank to open an account. The lady assisting me was so lovely and the account is all set up now.

I came home and hung out with Doug again till Rich finished work. For dinner tonight I was trying a new recipe from the little book of sauces and I made creamy carbonara...but it wasn't creamy so I was a tad disappointed. I think in future I will stick the low low or garlic and herb philli for a carbonara type meal.

Lots of veggies again for me and Rich had bacon in his but not so many veggies. It was tasty when I added more Parmesan but not something I am rushing to make again. For afters I decided to have my coffee scan bran cake...well I had two bites and decided it wasn't for me. It went back to the kitchen with instructions to Rich to have it if he wanted. Think I will just stick with scan bran yoghurt and fruit if I am going to have it.

Doug has just snuggled up on my lap so I will end the blog here short but sweet!

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