Friday, 14 December 2012

Day on plan and shopping mishaps

It's Friday night and we are having a brief interval during movie night due to Rich being tired so he is having a quick nap so I figured I would get my blog written.

So as per the title I have had a day on plan today and I feel quite good about it. I am taking one day at a time. I was up early this morning as Rich was on early's this week so a big breakfast was required once I had woken up.

Coffee yum love coffee and I have it very strong so I can lots of it with my milk allowance. I also drink a lot of water and the jug is a litre jug. Me and Rich have matching ones which we got in Germany at a festival...okay so originally they contained beer but its handy for monitoring my water now.

Breakfast involved two Linda McCartney Italian sausages (1/2 syn each) and I fried off some mushrooms, courgettes and peppers. I love this combo. I also let the big kid come out by having Hello Kitty spaghetti shapes. It was very yummy and filling.

Me and Doug then settled down to more Christmas movies in the shape of Santa Paws which was okay.....I preferred my second film Friends with benefits which I enjoyed and didn't expect to do so.

I fancied fried egg and chips for lunch but I'm not sure how to get them perfect so I decided I'd wait till Rich was here to do it. Instead I went for something simple and had chips with veg bolagnaise and a healthy extra of cheese.

A big portion to stop the snack monster and i worked. The bolognaise is from a tin Asda do a lovely syn free version which is great for lazy days. I must get some more in for those days when I decided I can't be doing with cooking.

After that it was time for me to venture out and do the shopping. Normally we do it online but this week I decided as we didn't need much it wasn't economical....wish I hadn't had that bright idea now. Firstly I didn't have money for the trolly so had to deal with a basket which isn't easy with one working hand and then I got more then I intended. I got to the till to pay and was using my new debit card which didn't work as I didn't ave the pin...doh I forgot about that part of getting a new account and card so in the end I had to get them to hold onto the shopping and go to the bank. I met up with Rich and we headed back to the supermarket to pay. I then utilised having the muscle in the form of Rich to get the extra bits I wasn't able to carry. I stocked up on some extra items for my new healthy extras.

We got home and unpacked and then started on some dinner which for me wasn't bad in the most part but Rich wasn't so keen. Rich's parents brought us a spice pack back from their holiday in Barbados which was a blend including garlic chilli paprika and salt. I had marinated both Rich's chicken and my quorn fillet in the blend during the day.

I thought the blend worked really well but it was a tad too salty so next time will use less. The quorn fillets are so versitile though. Rich added some mustard to the mash but unfortunately he put too much in so I couldn't eat the mash but munched through the lovely veggies.

After this we settled down to watch another Bond movie and I had a yummy pudding using two healthy extras

On the right is a muller light, two alpen lights and blueberries. In the little bowl is 20 cashew nuts so a different healthy B for me and one I enjoyed a lot. I treated myself to a glass of pepsi max cherry at the same time

A cool glass leftover from Halloween last year but I love them and use them as my wine glasses hehe

Well Rich has woken from his nap (mainly because I wanted to show him pugs on tv) so back to the film.

I am happy with how today has gone and now I am trying the different healthy extras it is working well. Saying that I will be taking each day as it comes

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