Tuesday, 18 December 2012

New toy time and small food day

Okay so today will be lacking in food as I have just not been a hungry person today. As you may remember from yesterday I was struggling mood wise and had run out of my meds. I am pleased to confirm that I have new meds now so normal service will be resumed.

I woke up thirsty but not hungry but breakfast is important so I made sure I had something.

Yes it's not my normal breakfast but as I said I wasn't hungry. I didn't even want coffee so I must have been feeling off ;)

My morning was taken up with arguing for a new phone and I succeeded. Tomorrow I will be the proud owner of an iphone so at least I will be getting my friends messages!

Lunch has no picture as it was pretty non existent..so onto dinner now. I had a massive lazyitus issue but remembered we had spinach and mushroom cannelloni in the freezer so that was dinner sorted. I added some mini roast potatoes made from new potatoes too just to add to the meal.

I also treated myself to a bit of garlic ketchup and it was yummy. I followed it up with some blaumange...which one day I will learn to spell!

Tomorrow is weigh in and I don't think the scales will be kind. I definitely need my normal routine of work back didn't expect to be missing work this much to be honest.

Bit of a short blog tonight but normal blog service will also resume soon!

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