Thursday, 13 December 2012

A gain and blog double whammy

So I didn't blog last night as by the time I got home from group I was pretty tired. The scales were disappointing last night as I gained 2lb which to be honest after the crashing of the wagon last week I am not surprised but it was still annoying. Group was really good though everyone shared a 'what has changed since you started slimming world' which was really inspirational and I hoped would set me up for the week.

Yesterday was a good food day as I was determined to stick to plan during the day.

Breakfast was stuffed mushrooms and linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages. The mushrooms were stuffed with leeks, courgettes and peppers and topped with cheese. They were scrummy and definitely reminded me I love stuffed mushrooms so will be having those again for breakfast.

After this I decided it was about time to put up my christmas tree, you will now see the tree yesterday and then today when I added more pretty stuff and a cameo from Doug.

I love my tree its all pretty and purple.

Afterwards the postie came and brought me a new bracelet.

This is the first time I have worn anything on my wrists since February so I was excited to have my trusty band back on. The bracelet represents the S.O.P.H.I.E charity/awareness program and was named out a young girl who lost her life for being a goth. I wear mine all the time but when my hands were diagnosed they swelled up so I passed mine to Rich. When my op was over I purchased a new one and can now adorn my wrist with this and other pretties.

Lunch was a tad stressful as I thought I'd broken my soup maker...I decided to make a tomato soup with carrots and leeks but the maker wouldn't blend it...turns out it was too liquidy so it wasn't broken I was just a bit soup maker dim haha.

I had the babybels as a healthy extra and followed this up with fruit and yoghurt.

I wanted to be prepared for when group finished tonight and didn't want to go on a insane takeaway binge so I raided the freezer

I think I got a bit too much out but I couldn't remember how small the portions were. 

Post group I had my lasagne

and it was gorgeous. On the left is quorn and butternut squash lasagne and on the right is spinach and mushroom canneloni. Both benefitted from being frozen as the taste appeared deeper.

I then had a post weigh small treat not my usual massive one.

I made rich a sticky toffee pudding and had this with custard. I also had my advent chocolate which was a nice chocolate hit.

So I went to bed thinking I can do this and stay on plan but this morning wasn't great. I had food that was not on plan and not good for me but yet again the bad head ruled me. I managed to stop before I went completely over my syns for the week and the line was yet again drawn. If anyone can explain why we do this on our journey please let me know...we seem to like to sabotage ourselves when ultimately we just want to get to our goal and lose the weight. I had a talking to myself and decided to get back on plan and follow it from lunchtime. I will be having my daily syns and accept I may be lucky to maintain next week but I hope that I can sort myself out.

Lunch was another soup and it was a bit too watery but it was so tasty.

The soup is curried parsnip and apple. I also chucked in some onion and it was a very tasty soup. I added potato to the remaining batch to thicken it up but hopefully with practice i can master soup in my soup maker. I had a muller light and inspired by a friend I decided to change up my healthy extras and tried the bear yoyo's. You can have four of these as a healthy b and they are really tasty. 

I spent the afternoon watching It's a wonderful life and then The Grinch. 

Dinner tonight was gorgeous and not overly complicated (helped mainly by the fact Rich did a lot of prep). We had 'chicken' pizza. Rich had his with real chicken and mine was done with quorn fillets. I topped mine with tomato puree, baby leeks and mushrooms then topped with cheese. I served mine with sweet potato chips and veggies. 

The tomato puree soaked into the quorn fillets making them extra tasty. I am aiming to try some different recipes this week and swap up my healthy extras but my main focus is getting through a day at a time on plan.

So in order to stay on plan I wanted a pudding so I had an old favourite for me. It was a muller yoghurt, blueberries and two rocky road hifi bars chopped up. Healthy extra used up with superfree and free 

The lovely Rich then made me a yummy coffee using the last of my milk whilst I am enjoying the masterchef final. Major food porn!!

So thats me up to date but before I run and drool over the final food I just wanted to say thanks to those who supported me this week and sent me messages of encouragement. It has been tricky and this is a battle but one I will win I hope. I am lucky that I have friends who have their own battles with food and a very special lady (she knows who she is and if she doesn't just think shoes and shoe wall and she will know) who I know is having her own battle but is still there supporting me and I will be doing the same for her. To that lady just wanted to say I love you sweetie and I know you will get through your battle and I'm by your side.

Now I best go before I flood my laptop with drool as the food is looking great

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