Sunday, 16 December 2012

Lazy sunday with a smidge of cooking

Today has been a very lazy day where I spent most of it sat on the sofa. I woke up just before 10 and could already feel the Sunday lazyitus coming on and I had only just got up! Now previous Sunday's this has been my downfall but today I managed yet another day on plan and some (ooo brief chocolate interval as rich brought in my advent chocolate then) yummy food. 

I had a craving for spaghetti on toast today and even went a bit wild by having some butter on the toast. Not a bit of superfree in sight but it was what I wanted and the joys of the plan is that you can do this every once in a while.

I chose the Hello Kitty spaghetti again and it was good.

It was then time to play Gossip Girl catchup (ooo that bit of chocolate lasted) with copious amounts of coffee. It was lunchtime before I knew it and I convinced Rich to come assist me in the kitchen being productive so when it got to dinner time I couldn't be lazy. I was a nice girlfriend and made Rich a sticky toffee pudding but made him do the hard work ;) he is currently enjoying it which makes me happy and for once I don't want to steal it. I also made him prep the potatoes for the roast before I let him go enjoy his games and I got on with lunch.

Now today was always going to be a simple food day so lunch consisted of pasta n sauce with extra veggies and kerry low low cheese. Simple but tasty and I got some good old sf in this time.

After that was done me and Doug settled down for a bit of a movie sesh watching Hocus Pocus and Deck the Halls...both okay films but I did get a tad bored so way also reading my book The Snow Child which is a lovely book and I'd really recommend it. It has a wintery feel to it. It is available from all known bookstores on book or read it :D

Now for some reason when it was time to think about dinner I was quite motivated to do it even though considering it was a roast it was simple. I had the yummy quorn roast with lots of veggies and even tried out making gravy in my soup maker. I make syn free gravy by frying off onions mushrooms and garlic then blitzing them and adding veg stock however due to a technical hitch...being that my chopper/blender has broken I decided to chuck it in the soup maker and hope for the best. The end result was perfect gravy and a couple of portions in the freezer for other lazy weekends. Now inspired by my friend Karen (aka the other karen) this picture comes with an animal model.

This is not an unusual pose for Doug he normally tends to put his paws up on my leg to watch me eat. He had inhaled his dinner by this point but clearly wanted my sprouts (hidden under the other veg). The quorn roasts are gorgeous and very tender and again there is some in the freezer for lazy meals.

I wanted to play The Walking Dead tv catchup after but didn't want to be eating whilst doing this so whilst Rich was watching QI (hey did you know stephen fry has been to prison we didn't until today) I set to work on eating my blamange.

It tastes better than it looks and makes a huge portion for only 1.5 syns. To make this you need sugar free jelly and yoghurts. You make the jelly as directed then chuck in the yoghurts and bung in the fridge.

Once this was inhaled by me I was still a bit peckish and remembered I hadn't had my second healthy extra. We had been discussing roasting cashew nuts on our group page and I decided to experiment with this after we checked with our consultant that it was allowed.

The end result was gorgeous

I coated them in a tsp of honey and roasted them for 18 minutes. I really enjoyed them and will be experimenting with different flavours.

All in all a good day and I am looking forward to the week ahead. This should (all things going well) be my last week off work and then its christmas and I have some fun plans this week including a date with a good friend and frozen yoghurt and a night out with the girls friday with a drink with another good friend just before. I have also planned on going exploring with Doug tomorrow and seeing where a certain set of steps takes us though this is weather dependent lets hope for good weather!


  1. Hehe, I can't be The Other Karen, YOU'RE referred to as The Other Karen in our house :) I will have to try harder to get more Boo in my shots, and Doug should definitely make more cameo's too :)

  2. I am going to have to think of another way to mention to I know karen with the fringe! You do need more boo x