Monday, 17 December 2012

A semi good day and dealing with the blues

Okay so there will be a lack of food pictures in the blog today because my phone lost breakfast and dinner was pizza (though I only had two slices).

Me and Rich woke up a bit late considering he had to be at work for 10 and I insisted we leave earlier as I needed milk for my coffee but before we left I had a yummy breakfast of dorset fruit muesli and blueberries with looked nice honestly even if there are not pictures to verify this infact if my phone if being a right pest so this may be a pictureless blog...

Anyway after Rich was safely dropped off at work me and Doug went out for a walk and decided to try and find out what was at the top of a big set of stairs we pass daily. 130 stairs later we discovered our answer....nothing but it was good exercise and Doug loved it. He wanted to run up the stairs by had to walk at my slow pace.

Once we got home unfortunately the blues set in. Being at home for so long has been a bit wearing and unfortunately I had ran out of my happy pills on the weekend so began to feel not so fab which is why dinner tonight was naughty. I will be getting the happy pills tomorrow so I will be back to fighting fit and not feeling so icky.

Lunch was good though I decided to make a mushy pea curry partly for lunch but also so I can take some in for our groups taster and it was yummy. I packed it with lots of veggies and had it on top of a jacket potato. 

Oh look my phone cooperated and this one comes complete with Doug

As I said earlier dinner was bad but I just didn't have the energy to cook and in the end didn't eat much so I don't think it will be that bad. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be much more positive and full of good noms and pictures....darn phone

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  1. Aww, I hate the blues, sending much love and hugs, and of course a squish for Doug :)