Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Weight loss and treat night

So how many of you reading think of weigh in day once you have stepped on the scales as a free night? A night to have whatever you fancy? I know I do and there are pros and cons for it. I know the proper way of doing it is once you get off the scales you step into next weeks weight loss but I find that I don't tend to go mental during the week if I have a free night. Tonight we are having pizza and then tomorrow morning I will get up and back on the SW wagon and back to proper food optimising.

I lost this week 2lbs and I must admit I was a bit dissapointed. I know that may sound strange but I feel it would have been more had it not been for the insanity yesterday but still it is 2lbs which takes my loss to 2 stone 12lbs and I am close to that 3 stone award. That will be mine next week and I am aiming for a proper perfect week max 10 syns per day plenty of superfree and varying yummy foods. I am going to continue my aim of 15 superfree a day and see what the scales bring me next week.

I was hungry today which is annoying on weigh in day as I am always loath to eat a lot which again may sound daft. I started with a good breakfast magic pancakes done in the oven with fruit and yoghurt.

It is a definite favourite of mine so it may feature again during the week.

I then drunk a lotttt of coffee using my healthy extra of milk. I used skimmed so I can have more coffee ;)

Lunchwise I had tomato soup again it was even better the day after I am not sure why whether it had infused more or something. I had 3 babybels with it as a healthy extra.

The postman then came with christmas goodies and this little beauty

I love pugs and fairies so this was perfect and I had to have it. It now has pride of place in front of the tv :D

After my soup I had some fruit and yoghurt

I wanted to make this one a bit different so meet Doug my little furbaby

Tomorrow will be the start of next weeks mission to lose weight. I did want to hit 3.5 stone by christmas but 9lbs may be a bit too optimistic but I am going to try my hardest to get as close as possible

Thats all folks hope everyone is well

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