Thursday, 6 December 2012

Books and soup makers

So this morning was the start of the new week and back on the aim of 15 superfree per day and 10 I have kept to 10 syns but not so much on the superfree only managed 10 portions today.

I started the morning with a bit of a dissapointing breakfast as we were running low on fruit. I had dorset fruit cereal with a muller light and some grapes

It was tasty but wasn't going to fill me totally but I had several cups of coffee afterwards. I then ventured out of the house and wandered to the library as I had to return some books...I came home with these

Should keep me out of trouble for a week or so though I have been neglecting my reading and I have not yet finished my book club books. Tomorrow may be a day of reading or maybe I should work on my sleep routine and head to bed earlier and read.

Lunchtime couldn't come soon enough today I was absolutely starving and wanted something filling. I had another bowl of tomato soup but decided instead of having it as soup I would use it as a pasta sauce. I chucked in some veg and two quorn pork and apple style sausages and added some wholemeal pasta. I am not sure why I went for wholemeal today but it was a nice change. Now I wanted to top it with cheese but knowing I was using two healthy extras for dinner I had to be creative so I topped it with one low low toastie slice leaving two for dinner.

It worked quite well and melted nicely. Whilst this was cooking the postman came with this beauty

My lovely new soup maker which I will be using tomorrow. I know some will think a pan and blender works just as well but a lot of people have raved about these and said how handy they are and I like making soup. I haven't decided whether to make cauliflower cheese soup or curried parsnip yet it will depend on how my stomach feels when I begin making my soup.

I spent the afternoon watching Ted which was very funny, during the film I had a bit of a pudding

I made a blamange from jelly and muller lights and the whole bowl is 1.5 syns so I have some more for in a bit. 

Dinner was absolutely amazeballs tonight we had burger and chips slimming world style

The odd looking chips are made from sweet potato and the burger is linda mccartney mozzerella burgers which are the best burgers. I had it with my other two low low slices and some fried mushrooms and onions. I love this meal as it feels so naughty when the only syns were the burger which are 4.

Tomorrow I am trying something new for breakfast which I am quite excited will be posted. Tomorrow is Friday so nearly the weekend and time to hang out with Rich :D 

Time for me to eat blamange and read for a bit I think night night all

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