Saturday, 1 December 2012

007 and a single malteser

Hello everyone who is reading I hope you a well today :D no blog yesterday as before I knew it my bed was calling so couldn't do my nighttime ritual so this will be like a boxing day sale of a blog 2 for the price of 1!

So yesterday I woke up quite excited as it was payday so once Rich had been packed off to work and breakfast eaten I was going to finish my Christmas shopping or so I thought....lets start with the good stuff.

Breakfast was magic pancakes but cooked in the oven in a square as I fail at the pan cooking. I cooked them at 200 for 15 minutes and the result was amazeballs (this is an awesome word)

As you may remember I am aiming for 15 superfree a day so I had two with breakfast. It was going to be a tricky day as we were running low on fruit and veg but I managed and this was really tasty.

So after this I settled down to Downton Abbey and the laptop to commence shopping only to keep having my card refused...strange I thought as there is money in the account. I called the bank and after several hours and a another call i got my answer the idiots had noticed something unusual on my account and had put a block on my card and then somehow managed to cancel it. I was fuming and now had to wait for a new card to come through the post so of I am Monday to open a new account with a different bank as this was the final straw with them.

Rich came to my aid with his card so I could go shopping and I had such fun picking presents. I particularly had fun with Rich's presents and I am so excited for Christmas now.

The watching of Downton and shopping  made me hungry so when lunch came around I decided to have some more cheese pie and some veggies. I added extra cheese on top to use a healthy extra up and it was very yummy.

More Downton viewing was my afternoon task and as normal about 4 I got the munchies so I decided that I wanted to have some more superfree so had a very random snack.

Beetroot apple and red cabbage it was very good and I love the sting of the vinegar and the sweetness of the apple. 

I finished season 2 of downton and then the frantic hunt for the christmas special commenced and thankfully lovefilm had it. I now have to watch the third season which lovefilm have available from monday so I will be ordering that!! Rich came home from work and we set about creating our dinner.

This picture comes with the addition of a Doug x anyway the food is a warburtons square wrap with tomato puree on the base. I then chucked random veg and my healthy extra of cheese and it was yummy. I followed this up with more blueberries and a muller whilst we settled down to a Bond film. We watched You only live twice starring the yummy sean connery (my favourite Bond). I headed to bed after the film but instead of being good and sleeping I was looking online at stuff and saw something that I needed to get Rich for christmas so bookmarked it (needless to say that was purchased this morning).

So saturday yay a day with Rich :D breakfast was lacking this morning as the shopping wasn't due till lunchtime so I had all bran chocolate (35g for a healthy extra) and yoghurt. It was very yummy

After that we went on an excursion to Morrisons so I could see how driving was. Its only a few minutes in the car and it was okay so I was pleased with that as I was quite nervous about trying it. Whilst we were there we brought advent calenders and mine is a glorious 1 syn per chocolate and so cute

Good old tescos turned up with our shopping and unfortunately brought the wrong grated cheese (:( sad face) which is annoying so it got sent back. Lunch was a bit random as I needed some space for my veggies so I had the rest of my cheese pie and mushy pea curry.

It looks odd but it was yummy. I played about on facebook and laughed hysterically at Chelsea losing but boy did that come back to bite me on the butt when Arsenal lost to Swansea. The afternoon flew by and I didn't get peckish at 4 as normal. For dinner we were having sw kebab but I used quorn needs working on and more binding I think but it was yummy. 

I had frozen chips (McCain rustic are 1.5 syns for 100g) and a huge salad. I also made a mint yoghurt dip from greek yoghurt and mint. It went down very well. Inside the pitta is my kebab meat and my healthy extra of cheese (I love green as I get four of these). Unfortunately the pitta was the wrong one as I left Rich to prep those and he didn't see my healthier ones but to be honest the whole meal was 7.5 syns and worth it.

I have my pudding ready though I have not eaten it yet

My final healthy extra which is a rocky road hifi and a chocolate and caramel hifi. A mini mince pie for 4.5 syns taking my total for the day too 12 which is over what I normally have but its well within my limit. You will notice the malteser which Rich gave to me and I will not syn as it is negligible. How cute does it look sitting there and I will savour it. I have no plans for the evening Rich is playing his new game so I think me and Doug will curl up on the sofa and catch up on the tv I have recorded recently. I didn't manage my 15 superfree today only 10 but I had a good food day and now I can enjoy my yummy pudding and watch Elementary its such a good show. 


  1. Amazeballs is actually an amazeballs word *nodnod* I've got an advent calendar too - although mine is an Aldi special, Hello Kitty, with teeny chocolates, so only 1/2 syn for mine :)

  2. I wanted a hello kitty one but morros didnt have one sad face :( i love hello kitty (ask rich how i was when we went to hello kitty land hehe)

    amazeballs is amazeballs and can be extended depending on the amazity of the event