Saturday, 22 December 2012

The christmas madness begins

So apologies for no blog since Wednesday but the back end of this week has been busier than normal.

Thursday foodwise i can barely remember but I did go out in the evening for a frozen yoghurt date with my friend. The frozen yoghurt is actually syn free and the only syns were a bit of honeycomb and whatever the glace cherries are. You will notice though that whilst the plan is not abandoned it is not being followed much in the leadup to christmas.

Yesterday was a stressful day as our toilet was leaking into the kitchen which disrupted my plans a little but at least that is now sorted. I went out with the girls last night for dinner and to see The Hobbit. I had already made the decision that I was going to enjoy the meal. The starter was a cheese bake which appeared to be a lump of cheese in a tomato based sauce. It was very tasty though. As the main course I had goat cheese wellington and even took a picture.

It was gorgeous and so filling and i enjoyed every bite. I then enjoyed some yummy profiteroles completely off plan there.

The movie was great and when I got out I was quite awake so went and did out food shopping about 1am. Some good body magic there.

Today has been good in the sense that I was able to walk Doug for the first time in four weeks without having to get Rich to harness him up so that was an achievement for me. Unfortunately I was craving bad food and wanted a McDonalds breakfast. I didn't have one and instead did my take on a sausage sandwich and added cheese and mushrooms. It was gorgeous and better than a McDonalds would have been.

Lunch was again on plan and nice, just simply cheese and broccoli pasta with added mushrooms and kerry low low. After lunch I finished up watching the football then had a nice bubble bath.

Dinner was not as good on the plan as it should have been but I fancied having the same as Rich so I did. We had sw chips and mushrooms done in garlic and herb philli. We also coated some chicken in the philli wrapped it in bacon and then in some filo. It was gorgeous and wouldn't have been too bad on a normal week but my syns have not been good since wednesday. We then commenced having a few drinks partaking in some Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer and kahlua. I will certainly make sure tomorrow is more plan focused but I am prepared for a large gain on Thursday.

Happy christmas to anyone reading this and I hope you have a good one :D

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