Friday, 7 December 2012

The Living Daylights and food shopping

Later than normal blog tonight as we have been partaking in our Friday tradition of watching a Bond film. Tonight was The Living Daylights with Timothy Dalton as Bond and it was good except the Bond girl was a wuss. Still its a fun tradition and the munchies didn't attack too much for once.

But I am getting ahead of myself I will start with the morning. Doug curled up in the bed with us last night so I didn't get an early wakeup cal which was nicel. I wandered downstairs to make coffee and my breakfast before Rich woke up. A friend had tried a recipe from the new slimming world entertaining book and posted about it so I thought I'd try it. It was crepes stuffed with mushrooms, spinach, peppers and onions. I also added my HEA of cheese and made this

Now you will notice one crepe and then a mound of veg...unfortunately my pan is crap so the crepes were a bit of a disaster which got me thinking I need a new pan! Even so this was blooming gorgeous and so filling. I will be making this again but firstly I need a new pan I think...

Yesterday I blogged about a lack of fruit luckily our food shopping turned up nice and early today,. Once I'd unpacked it (which was not easy one handed and with Doug's not so helpful assistance) I realised it was lunch time and time to test out my new soup maker. Now some people will wonder what is the point in one when a pan and a blender does the job but I tend to burn my pans as get distracted and my blender kinda got melted a bit...wasn't entirely my fault I blame the gas hob. Anyway I decided to have cauliflower cheese soup and it was literally a case of chucking everything in and pressing go. 

I decided to have a weight watchers petit pain with the soup and was really impressed with the soup maker. It took 21 minutes to cook and it was perfectly blended. I can't wait to try other soups and considering how convenient this is I will be making a lot more soup now winter has set in.

I had pudding afterwards which was my usual fruit and berries but I used a different yoghurt

The yoghurt was yummy and different from my usual mullers. Ive got a fair bit left in the pot for tomorrow.

Inspired slightly by masterchef the professionals I decided to try and make the scan bran carrot cake. 

It smelt absolutely gorgeous but it was a bit dry when I had it. On top is quark mixed with sweetener and vanilla essence. I will make again but need to find a way of making it moister. The brown stuff on top is this amazing stuff

It works out to be 2.5 tsps for a syn and its very tasty. I may be making a few lattes this weekend with this on top.

As it was Friday and movie night it was fakeaway night. Rich had a chicken version of my curry

The sauce is made from 28grams of mayflower powder with about 300ml of water. I chucked in some broccoli, mushrooms, onions, peppers and peas and it was gorgeous. I also 'fried' some rice in garlic though I think I used a tad too much ;) I love the mayflower powder it makes a very good chinese style curry and the 28grams is 4 syns. 

Me and Rich realised we had been a bit slack on our advent calenders this week so I got to eat 4 chocolates which worked out at 3 syns (each choc is 14 calories). Nice way to end the evening.

I am now tucked up in bed watching Smallville and debating whether to read for a bit or just try the sleep thing. Tomorrow I have nothing planned (normal at the moment) except for wrapping Christmas presents whilst watching Nightmare before Christmas. Our tree still hasn't come so I can''t decorate that unfortunately :( but I have put a few bits up around the house to make it look christmassy. I'm so excited for Christmas this year as I have got Rich some awesome presents and can't wait to see his face when he opens them. 

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