Saturday, 15 December 2012

Being a SW angel

Yet another day where I have stayed on plan and I feel good about it. Hopefully I can continue this until weigh in and get my 3 stone before Christmas.

As it is the weekend so no work for Rich I had a lay in today. When I did get I needed coffee and I was hungry so I got to work on sorting breakfast.

My normal large coffee and water to have alongside this gorgeous sandwich. It is two Linda McCartney Italian sausages mushrooms and three slices of low low toastie cheese. It hit the spot majorly and filled me up. I then caught up on Eastenders which included a bit where one of the characters counting to 100 without blinking which I had to try and managed....this time off work is possibly sending me slightly loopy at the moment. The morning past swiftly broken only by a visit from the postman bringing me a Christmas present from a good friend and this little gem

My dear friend Kalli sent me a cute little Jack Wilshere figure for my work desk when I go back. For now he is currently sitting on the TV.

For lunch I decided to whip up a soup in my soup maker.

The recipe is as follows

4 carrots
1 red onion
1 sweet potato
1 litre of vegetable stock
Tomato puree

I chopped it all up and chucked it into the soup maker and sat back. It was not only very tasty but nice and thick too. I followed this up with some grapes and 3/4 of an apple (the other quarter fell on the floor and was nabbed by Doug)

Afterwards I wandered of for a bath and a good read but I was distracted by Rich looking for his old xbox. The bonus of this search was him finding a bottle of southern comfort that had been sitting in a box since we moved.

For dinner we decided to have a fakeaway in the form of slimming world kfc but this time we experimented with using smash as the coating instead of breadcrumbs. Rich was also determined to make the beans bbq flavoured and thick like you can get in KFC. The end result was a yummy dinner

Instead of chicken I had quorn fillets shaped into goujons. We also had garlic mushrooms which were also covered in the smash coating. Inside was a bit of frozen garlic which melted well. It was a yummy dinner and the plate looks appetizing.

This was followed up by a yummy pudding of two hifi bars blueberries yoghurt and a flump and a southern comfort and pepsi max. The southern comfort was 4 syns and went down well. I am considering getting another but after Thursday I want to keep the syns lower.

Another funky glass from my cupboard. I should stop using this on Halloween I guess but they are so cool.

All in all a yummy food day and a good Saturday  I am now going to settle down and watch Eclipse on tv which is my favourite of the books.