Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Weigh in day

Well Tuesdays mean weigh in day and I went to group expecting a gain after only being properly on plan some Sunday but I managed to pull it back and stayed the same. I am happy about this and next week I am looking forward to a loss. 

Apart from weigh in today has been an odd day, I woke up feeling a bit groggy so coffee and breakfast was required. 
Simple breakfast off beans and cheese on toast (HEA and HEB) with mushrooms and low fat quorn sausages.

Once this was nommed, Hollyoaks caught up on and coffee drunk I headed to Sainsburys as they had a special offer on Kahlua so we stocked up for Christmas as we do like it a lot. I also got a few essentials and headed home. I took Doug out on a walk which took longer than normal as he had lots of sniffs. 

The postie arrived with some goodies today and I got to work on one of them that I'd brought for Rich.
It's amazing how tricky it is to make one of these but even if it does look like a little child has been let loose I'm happy with my effort.
Unfortunately about a minute later it looked like this
Oops it kinda fell apart but still Rich got to see it all together and it's definitely the thought that counts ;)  I will sample a bit after weigh in.

Lunch was simple and light as I don't like to eat heavy at lunch on weigh in day.
I love that Babybels are now Christmas themed :D the last of the Halloween ones have gone and the plain ones are just boring! 

The afternoon was spent relaxing on the sofa watching Pet Cemetary and the new Dawn of the dead. I will be rolling out the Christmas movies at the weekend when I start the wrapping and decorating fun!

Dinner was a bit of a weigh in night treat mushroom tortellini in a tomato and mascarpone sauce and garlic bread. Naughty but nice! 
I'm off to London tomorrow so there won't be a blog but I will be on plan even taking a little packed lunch with me. Night night all xoxo 

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